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Hacker's Island
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Hacker's Island map
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Vital statistics
Type Island
Level Unknown
Location Off the coast of the Ross Ice Shelf
Inhabitants Hackers

Hacker's Island is an underwater mountain with its top sticking out. Before it was very small, about 0.268 square feet, but hackers made it much bigger, roughly 268,000 square feet. The whole place is usually sunny, sometimes raining when a hacker wants it to, and the most severe weather


Sanity Penguin was using the Hydro Hopper located on Club Penguin when he hit a bouy and crashed onto an unknown island. Wanting it for its own, Sanity Penguin made it bigger and only allowed hackers on it. Non-hackers must be with a hacker following them at ALL times.


Hacker's Island

Places Of Interest:

  • racing track
  • 1600 square feet beach
  • largest port around
  • hackers hangout
  • lake
  • the fact the island is flat


Hacker's Island is usually a place for hackers to hangout, but it is also a great place to enjoy day after day of sun and a large area of forest for adventures.


Penguins, crabs, some ocean mammals, the famous giant squid, and many woodland animals live in this island.




Food is not hard to get on the island, due to the many ocean animals living aaround the island, but in case you can't get any, you can always go to the vending machine to buy something. However the most amazing way to get food is that cream soda barrel seeds grow in the forest.

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