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Vital statistics
Type Electronics
Effects Ruins stuff.
Source Numci
Location Varies
Cost to buy 500 pebbles
Cost to sell 1000 pebbles

H.O.R.R.O.R. is a hacking device developed by Numci for Darktan's Army.


The whole item looks like a big red square of a thing with a big gray circle in the middle. On the item are the following words:




When put in a computer, it corrupts all your pictures (NOOOO!!!), removes the security system, and, if not taken care of soon, makes the whole darn computer blow up. The works.


Darktan II commissioned Pigma55 to make a weapon of PURE EVIL for his army. Pigma sat there, thinking. What could I do? Well, I could- no, thats too powerful. I can- no, too expensive. I KNOW! NUMCI!!!!!

He ran a company called Numci. It sold electronics to the populace. He was going bankrupt, but with the pebbles Darktan gave him, he could live like that for YEARS!!!

This is how HORROR came to be.


  • It also downloads a copy of Millipede onto the computer.
    • (Where guessing Pigma55 got desperate to sell copies of it.)
  • Peng Waqas made this hacking system.

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