Club Penguin Fan Universe
Group Castle Classic
Inspiration(s) Those who helped make it
Developer(s) PIPe
Publisher(s) Smoke
Release date in USA December 29th 2009
Release date in the UTR January 18th 2010 (Nationwide)
Release date in Non-Free Republics {{{others}}}
Release date in Free Republics of the USA January 12th 2010
Genre FPS
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Platform(s) Pad-Desk
Predeced by None
Followed by Group Castle 2

Group Castle Classic is the first installment of the Group Castle series. With 9 classes and only 4 maps, it was a small game with online playability. Although, currently, holding few players online at once (lowest ever 200, highest ever 340,200,870) due to its sequel's recent release.


Penguins, after choosing their class, waddle around stunning other penguins. Once stunned, your current mission of that life is failed, and you are teleported to the respawn. This is called "Stun and Run". The most popular and fun mode is Capture the Flag where two teams compete to take eachother's flag out of their ice-base and capture it at their own point.

Stun and Run[]

Stun and Run is a game that can only be won by one single player stunning 25 penguins. With no teams, it's a free for all match. With a 5 minute time limit, stuns happen fast.

Capture the Flag[]

As two teams compete with a time limit of 20 minutes, one team must capture the flags 3 times.

Capture the Point[]

After the update of April, this gametype was allowed and is still on the servers. 1 team is on defense and must guard their points, ranging from 1 to 5 points. On offense, the team must attempt to break through the defense and capture the points by standing on them for 10 seconds.


There are 9 available classes.



The Runner is a fast talking and fast running penguin. With extreme speeds, two ice grenades, a FrostGun and a Knicicle, he is most powerful when at full speed.


From the army, he is sent to this battle. With a Deletion Missile Launcher, a FrostGun, a Garden Shovel and 4 Ice Grenades, he is very powerful from long range, but has poor aim.


Unlike his name suggests, he does not set out fires. In fact he does the exact opposite. He creates them. With a Flamethrower, a Fire Sword, a FrostGun and three Ice Grenades, he is best at close combat, but rendered useless underwater.



A l33t penguin with a love for explosions, he can set traps to release compressed air making a large and cold explosion that can stun a penguin easily.


A huge and powerful penguin with a HUGE love for his weapons, he can't waddle too fast but he will stun penguins in an instant.


With the power to build his own weapons, you can rely on Mechanic to defend your flag or point. With his trusty Spanner along with a backup FrostGun and a Snowball Launcher, along with 1 ice grenade, he has enough power to win in under 2 minutes.