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Here's the list of events of WWI.

  1. Imperialism, militariasm, and alliances
  2. Serbians kill Archduke of Austria-Hungary
  3. Austria-Hungary get no explination and declare war on Serbia
  4. Germany declares war on Serbia
  5. Russia declares war on Germany
  6. France and Britain declare war on Germany.
  7. Schlieffen Plan Phail
  8. Takeover of Belgium

That's I can think of until...

  1. Germans destroy US cruiser ships with U-boats (submarines)
  2. Germans are angry at Americans for not trading with them as much as they did with France or UK
  3. Zimmerman telegraph
  4. USA enters war

  1. Russian revolution

  1. Germany loses, treaty of Versilles happens.

Someone fill the gaps plz

Other things that happen[]

  • Japan is in the war
  • Italy fights the Hungarians
  • Ottoman Empire is on the Central power's side
  • Germans make big guns

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Confirmed Country Parodies[]

France-- UnitedTerra

Germany-- United States of Antarctica

Russia-- Freezeland

Great Britain-- United Penguin's Republic

Belgium-- Free Republic of Guymed

Serbia-- East Pengolia

Possible Country Parodies[]

Austria-Hungary-- Ross Island, West Pengolia

Romania-- Viking Empire

Ottoman Empire-- Viking Empire

Bulgaria-- Viking Empire

Japan-- Land of Flystar55555

America-- New North Etana


  • I don't want any destruction of SPC. There has already been tons of this in the War of 2002, the Great Darktonian Pie War and many other wars. I also don't want New countries to be very large and shrink the USA to the brink of extinction.They should at the maximum. take up 25% of Eastshield, 10% of Trans-Antarctica, before we say no to more land grants. But, you may use Gemini as capital city..-- Sanchonachos:The Captain You are Now Free to move about the Wiki 21:54, April 9, 2010 (UTC)
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