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Great Darktonian Pie War
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This is the Chapter 5 of the Great Darktonian Pie War.

Chapter Five: ROOOOOOAAAR! Magma Puffle attack penguins![]

Darktan growled more and more. His army appeared to be loosing thanks to Billy Mays and his new weapons. An Abyss Knight approached him.

"Oh wise and noble Darktan, our armies are getting what I like to call creamed. We need to bring out more troops."

Darktan turned and walked over to the knight.

"It appears it is time to bring out one of our last lines of defense. Release the Magma Puffle."

A Doom Knight saluted Darktan and pulled a large metal lever.

Magma Puffle Pwn You

Shroomsky confronting the Magma Puffle

The side of justice was winning. With Billy Mays' products, and the power of Mayor McFlapp's trump card, nothing could stop them now. But happiness would soon change to fear. Just then, a cage opened, releasing a huge twenty-meter-high beast that appeared to be completely made of Magma. He roared like a pack of hungry Leopard Seals, and then spoke in a extremely deep voice.

"ROOOOOOAAAR! Magma Puffle attack penguins and defend Lord Darktan's castle!"

Penguins everywhere screamed and ran in different directions. Professor Shroomsky was frozen with fright. He stood still and looked like a Puffle about to be caught by a Skua.

"Wha, wha, wha..... what is th-that thing?!?!?!"

Luce gently patted him on the back.

"The strange human creature has the situation under control. For the time at hand, at least."

Poor Luce was wrong, for Billy Mays was running around like the other warriors were. Apparently he had no type of weaponry to stop this enormous creature.

"If only you were right, Luce. I don't think even one of his cleaning products can save us now though. We'll just have to hope the Fourth Goozack will save us... if not, then I have an idea."

Luce looked at him sharply. "What in the name of Ard Mhaca is that?"

Professor Shroomsky took one glance at the Magma Puffle and shrieked, "RUN!!!!!!!"

"It appears that the Magma Puffle is working most effectively," said Darktan as he smirked. "Even that ridiculous advertiser doesn't have anything to fight it with."

Then a pie covered Metal Explorer approached Darktan.

"Ah, being such an evil penguin is hard work, isn't it, my robotic minion?" said Darktan as he patted the robot on the head.

Rolling his eyes, Metal Explorer huffed.

"You've got it easy."