Club Penguin Fan Universe

Grandberry is a retired EPF agent and Cranberry's grandfather. He is currently in Snowflake Valley Nursing Home. He also claims to be a Time Agent


Grandberry was born on April 23, 1923. As a chick, he had the power to correct wrong events in other universes. He, like Cranberry, had a best friend. Grandberry's best friend was Crumbs Milton III, Esquire, who was Crumbs' ancestor. Since he had his abformentioned power, he had a mystical stone. In 1932, he got a job as an agent. 60 years later, he'd retired. He is now telling stories to visitors and his grandson.


  • Everyone in the retirement home
  • Cranberry
  • Crumbs


  • (Grandberry is telling a story)

Grandberry: So there I was, helping babysit the Simpson children...

Cranberry: And then what happened?

Granberry: Well....

(3 hours later....)

Grandberry: ...And that's how it all happened.

Cranberry: Thanks for the story, Grandpa! Bye!

Grandberry: Bye now!

(Cranberry and Crumbs leave, chatting away happily)


  • All of his stories are true.
  • He hates ice cream.
  • He likes random things that break the fourth wall.