GourdZoid Village
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The entire town of GourdZoid.
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Vital statistics
Type Village
Level 0.7
Location Trans-Antarctica, on top of a high mountain.
Inhabitants Jackos and two orange penguins.

GourdZoid is a small mountaintop village, isolated from the rest of Trans-Antarctica and the USA. The town is "famous" for its pumpkins. GourdZoid is a peaceful village, though travelers such as Winston, as well as the two permenant residents, insisted that the pumpkins were alive. The Snell-Libros later travelled for miles to prove it, and in the end, they were indeed alive. The pumpkins were dubbed "Jackos".


GourdZoid is said to be founded by two penguins who loved to explore. While climbing a mountain in the middle of nowhere, they found a small group of pumpkins at the summit. Naturally, these penguins knew that pumpkins couldn't grow at such an altitude, and they didn't see any vines; just snow, rocks, and some brown soil. Being the daring adventurers they were, they decided to settle here, and thus the village of GourdZoid was formed in October 23rd, 2008. Soon after, the city council hall was rennovated and transformed into the Supreme Court of Antarctica, much to the delight of the Jackos. GourdZoid's hospitality is said to rival Snellville.


The houses of GourdZoid are built on mountain cliffs. To reach the village, one must climb the mountain all the way to the summit. There are no restops along the way (though there is an outhouse at the half-way point), so only the most daring adventurers can ever actually see GourdZoid. Skyline services to here was postponed, mainly because acess to this area of the map for construction is very difficult.

Once you reach the summit, you would immediantly observe four things:
1. Two orange houses built on cliffs, connected by a rickety rope-based suspension bridge.

2. Another orange building with the words "Council Hall" written on it, accessible only by ladder. This building serves as the Supreme Court of Antarctica.

3. A small patch of brown soil.

4. Jackos, and lots of them.


One can visit the two adventerers and founders of GourdZoid. They can also view the Council Hall, a building which the Jackos insist should replace the South Pole Council as the seat of government. The most intriguing part of GourdZoid, however, is by far getting the chance to talk to a Jacko. It's not every day you can have a conversation with a pumpkin!
New jack p

View from the summit of the mountain. Council Hall is in the foreground and Ternville is in the background.


Jackos and two orange penguins are the only permanent residents.


  • Knowledge
  • Hospitality
  • Talking Pumpkins!
  • The USA's judiciary

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