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This Tastes Like Full Cream Milk
The milk bottle at the center of it all...
Vital statistics
Participants Kwiksilver, Shopkeeper Lady.
Date 29th June 2009
Location Shiverpool General Store

Got Milk?, or This Tastes Like Full Cream Milk, is an event which happened in Shiverpool General Store when Kwiksilver ran out of milk.

The event[]

The sun shines over a brand new day in Shiverpool, Antarctica. Kwiksilver is about to pour milk on his cereal, but notices the milk bottle is empty. He troops out of his hotel room and into the General Store.

Kwiksilver enters the store. The bell rings as the door shuts and a shopkeeper pops up from behind the counter. The shopkeeper is a silvery-hired old lady wearing glasses.

Kwiksilver: Hi, I'd like some milk thanks.

Shopkeeper Lady: Low fat, no fat, full cream, high calcium, high protein, soy...

Kwiksilver raises one eyebrow.

Shopkeeper Lady: Light, skim, Omega-3, (breathes) high calcium with Vitamin D and folate or extra dollop!

Kwiksilver: Umm...uh..I just want milk that tastes like real milk.

Shopkeeper Lady: This tastes like full cream milk.

As she speaks, she turns around and pulls a 1 Litre bottle of milk labeled, "Cow Dimension Smarter Milk" from a freezer behind the counter.

Shopkeeper Lady: And only two percent fat.

She looks at Kwiksilver's stomach.

(Awkward silence)

Kwiksilver is about to say something, but grabs the milk and runs out of the store.


Kwiksilver soon discovered it was an advertising stunt for "Cow Dimension Smarter Milk". It was recorded and placed on television. He sued the company and the ad was removed, but oddly enough a human company stole the audio from the clip and placed it on another video.

The Parody[]


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