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he nice penguins
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Don't torture me!
Vital statistics
Name he nice penguins
Type Community service, huggers
Location Antarctica
Head Mabel X
Job To be nice
Members Winston, Mabel X, Robert O'vian, Matthew von Injoface

A Goody Two-Shoes is a penguin who loves everyone there may be puffles.


They love you! They will do anything. They could kiss you. They could bow to Darktan. They could even nurse Xorai back to health when Flywish injures him. They started after Mabel X made the army. They became enemies of Flywish, Corai, Mabel, Swiss Ninja, and Baby N.


  • Safety the Penguin (Penguin who keeps you safe and gave Xorai advice to stop him from tripping over his cape)
  • Lwalwaelmo43 (Flywish's cousin who makes him take care of her "Babies")
  • Robert O'vian (He is nice to everybody and is a wierdo. He also constantly kisses everyone grossing them out. Especially Xorai)
  • Matthew von Injoface (He's very nice to everyone, and even loves his cousin Mabel. In fact, he was registered to be a Saint in 2004.)
  • Scruffly (He is Robert's friend and is spreading joy everywhere.)


  • Foamy (forced to quit after running away from home, and later the law.)
  • Tars X'vian (was too afraid of stuff to keep on going. He's a part of the Safety Team.)

Remember, once a Goody Two-Shoe, always a Goody Two-Shoe


They have an army. the only way they attack is by hugging and kissing you. They may also tickle you. Then give you nice flowers. They also make you give love to Mwa Mwa Penguins! Why?!?!?

The Safety Team[]

The safety team is a sub-division of the Goody-Two Shoes. They go around telling people to do the "safe" thing and tell them to watch out for danger, and protect them, although they are usually too cowardly to do anything useful. Members include Safety the Penguin and Tars X'vian.


  • Manny Peng strangely hates them.
  • Swiss Ninja doesn't like them around His Daughter. She doesn't like them either.
  • Corai doesn't really hate them much, just Winston, the others he acts like there his best friends.

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