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The Golden Puffle
The Golden Puffle image
The legendary Golden Puffle. This is the only precious photo taken of the statue.
Vital statistics
Type Golden Puffle Statue
Effects Unknown
Source It was forged in the mountains
Location The Ninja Sanctuary
Cost to buy Priceless
Cost to sell Priceless

The Golden Puffle is a priceless artifact that was carved in the mountains by True Sensei. It resides in the Ninja Sanctuary and viewing of the priceless artifact is exclusively restricted to black-belt Ninjas.


During the time when the Ninja Sanctuary was being built, True Sensei wanted a special item to reside in it that only the most trusted Ninjas could view. He decided to carve a Golden Puffle that would remain a sacred item for generations. He started by sending ninjas up the mountains to mine for gold, then started to forge it into the shape of a puffle. He kept it at the far back of the Sanctuary in a heavily guarded secret room in the bowels of the Sanctuary and it has been there ever since.

It has since appeared in plays, and has even been searched for by non-Ninjas, but to no prevail.

Only one photo has ever surfaced of the puffle, and since everyone non-ninja is forbidden to have any contact with the puffle whatsoever, a replica has been made of the puffle for usage in plays and other things.


  • The Golden Puffle is said to have a huge emerald at the back.
  • It is guarded by two Ninjas.

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