Club Penguin Fan Universe
Gobee image
Gobee in 2003
Vital statistics
Title Gobee the Elf
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Unknown
Health Fair (50%)
Level 5
Status Alive
Location New Snow Village

Gobee the Elf is a brown penguin who was born and rased in CP Isle. He currently lives in New Snow Village.


Gobee is an penguin elf who works with Snail Claus. It was his idea to move Christmas in June to Christmas in July. After these events, he became quite famous. After Snail heard his idea, he made Gobee an official elf. He is seen very little on Club Penguin Island now. It is said that every 2 years, he will come deliver presents with Snail Claus on Christmas in July. Since 2003, he has aged very much.


Gobee lived in CP Isle. When Snail Claus came to visit, he needed an elf. Gobee didn't know that he was one. Snail found Gobee and brought him to New Snow Village.

Gobee is one of those penguins who loves to travel a lot. This may be a reason Snail Claus chose him.

October '09 Illness[]

Gobee was sent to the hospital on the first of October. It is said that the Black Shadow possessed him, after he gambled and lost a bet. He never paid his debt and was told he'd regret it if he doesn't pay back by the end of September. Gobee suffers from short term memory loss, so he forgot. On October 1st, 2009, he was walking down Highway 2, when he saw a black shadowy spot. He continued walking until he stepped flipper on the spot. As soon as he touched it, he collapsed. He was sent to the hospital right away and it still in good condition. A week later, his long friend Snail Claus gave him a treatment and he's more healthy then ever.


  • He created Christmas in July.
  • He is quite old now.
  • He visits Stompin' bob, Aunt Arctic, and Mabel.


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