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Adhesive Diffusion Missile
Death by stickiness.
Vital statistics
Type Cruise missile
Effects Splatters sticky glue everywhere
Location Stratospheric Storage Warehouse
Cost to buy 40,000 F
Cost to sell 35,000 F

The Adhesive Diffusion Missile, commonly called the Glue Missile, is a cruise missile that splatters sticky yellow glue upon impact. The glue is extremely sticky and traps anyone who steps on it, and it can only be cleared away by dissolving it with acid. Glue Missiles are used to slow down and immobilize enemy troops, buying time to formulate strategies and set up equipment and/or troops.


Glue Missiles are about the size of a Freeze Missile and are colored pale yellow, with a light gray head and three fins. Inside the head is a pressurized, dehydrated reactive adhesive designed to harden within 8 minutes of exposure to moisture, trapping anything touching it. It is virtually indestructible in its hardened form and can only be dissolved away with powerful acids. The adhesive's airtight container and the missile head are both brittle. Upon impact, they shatter, releasing the glue and splattering it everywhere. Should anyone step in it before it hardens, they will be stuck until the glue is dissolved.

Glue Missiles are propelled by a jet engine that burns on a mixture of kerosene and Ditto A. This allows for relatively speedy flight -- Glue Missiles fly slower than a Deletion Missile but faster than a Freeze Missile. The flight direction of the missile is altered by small rudders in the fins. These rudders are controlled by an onboard computer, which is in turn remotely controlled by a missile driver at a base. The missile can also be set to fly around randomly before crashing.

Glue Missiles work best in numbers. Loads of Glue Missiles aimed at the same area can completely block a passage and trap many units. Glue Missiles can crash in formation, generating large barriers and lines of glue that surround and trap enemies. Due to their high demand for their effective immobilization properties, Glue Missiles have a rather cheap price.


  • The super-sticky adhesive inside is derived from Ditto C, which is a powerful adhesive when dissolved in water.
  • There are two sizes of Glue Missiles -- Small and Jumbo. Though Small and Jumbo sizes are actually almost the same physical size, they contain different amounts of glue. Small Glue Missiles contain as much glue as an average bathtub, while Jumbo Glue Missiles often contain six times as much!
  • Glue Missiles are generally regarded as having better immobilization properties than Freeze Missiles. They're also faster and cheaper, making them more popular.
  • Slendar loves using this for pranking.
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