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Gladuisi Septem
Gladuisi image
That's not real fire. Wait, is it?
Vital statistics
Title Final Form - Gladuisi Septem
Gender Female
Race Puffle, Final Form
Faction Ventusi's side
Health Perfect
Level Over 9,000!
Status Awesome
Location Everywhere and No where.
Occupation Whatever she can do
Interests Defeating enemies.
Friends Ventusi
Enemies Everyone else
Archetype Jitsu

Gladuisi Septem (Seventh Sword in english) is Jitsu's final form and overall awesome puffle. By enhancing the power that Ventusi withheld, Jitsu was able to get her own final form, thus resulting in Gladuisi.


After Ventusi was found and created, Jitsu felt like she needed some defense and way of helping puffle-kind. While Metalmanager was attempting to turn back into his final form, Jitsu stayed close, and became Gladuisi.


Gladuisi appears in Ultimate Fanon Quest, as well as helping along in battles across the globe. Mostly antarctica.


  • Her name, Gladuisi Septem, is Latin for "Seventh Sword", or, without grammar correction, "Sword Seven".
  • It is unknown how Jitsu is also able to become this form instantly.

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