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Gilraen Fairheart was the mother of Triskelle, and former husband of Ulmos. She is now deceased.


Gilraen was born in 1687. Her father was Dírhael and her mother was Ivorwen. She was also known as Gilraen the Fair. Gilraen married Ulmos in 1827. Her father Dírhael was opposed to the match because he felt Gilraen was too young to marry and because he had a sense of foreboding that Ulmos would not live much longer. But Ivorwen counseled her husband to acquiesce, saying "If these two wed now, hope may be born; but if they delay, it will not come while this age lasts."

Two years later, while Triskelle was a chick, Ulmos left her. Gilraen gave birth to Triskelle on February 24, 1849, and Ulmos left her.

Gilraen and Triskelle lived together in FOgvale, now called Shiverpool. Triskelle moved out once he finished high school, and got a house in Fogvale. He didn't like adventure at the time, and turned down Finwe many a time.

A few years later, Gilraen left Fogvale after Triskelle left and went to live alone near her people in Bead Seaport, near what is now Club Penguin Isle. She did not often see her son for he continued to journey throughout the contiinent.

In 1916, she became a major target for the Naughtzee during the Khanzem. She was hit with several cakes in the Bombing of Bead Seaport, which eventually led to an allerrgic breakout. Doctors at the time couldn't save her, as there wasn't much technology back then, and she died of a fever the next spring. Triskelle still hates Khanz Penguins to this day because of that.


  • She is Cocoa-intolerant.
  • Before she died, she often wrote songs and poems.
  • Elessar once met her on his travels.