Club Penguin Fan Universe

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The Giant Swiss-Terrain Game is a combination between a aircraft simulation, a third/first person shooter, a naval real-time tactics and a turn-based strategy game. The gameplay allows you to take control of Freezeland, UnitedTerra, TerraMount, FederationTerra, the Happyface State or Snowzerland. There are several unlockable factions like Frosian and Trans-Antarctica. The game is in several theaters of war such as the Terrain, the USA and Snowzerland. Players have the option of leading one of these factions.

As explained above the developers attempted to combine different elements of gameplay. There are also different types of campaigns including a "free" campaign, a "theater" campaign and a "historical" campaign.


Players lead factions across Antarctica from Snowzerland to UnitedTerra. Each faction has a "turn" like other TBS games. Turns is where they can build buildings (which are needed to recruit units or gain wealth), recruit soldiers, attack or move armies. If a army attacks another army then a battle is commenced. Players can't attack allies but they can attack neutrals or enemies. If you attack a neutral then war is declared. There are no peace treaties.

In battle the player will go into third or first (whichever he prefers) soldier (eg Cookie Thrower, Freezethrower, Mountain Spartan etc). If it's a naval battle then the player will take control of ships similar to the human game Battlefield Midway ADD MORE!