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Giant Fudd
Giant Fudd
Fudd transforming into giant robot form!
Vital statistics
Title Giant Fudd
Gender Male
Race Giant Puffle Cyborg
Faction Good
Health Excellent
Level Very high
Status Waiting to be unleashed by Fudd's Staff of Goofiness
Location Nowhere, waiting to be unleashed
Occupation Blowing up bad guys
Interests Blowing up bad guys
Friends Nobody
Enemies All villains and opponents of Fudd
Archetype Neutral

Giant Fudd is a giant robot that Fudd controls when in great danger.


One day, Fudd was running for his life from the Maledict. He had thrown a cream pie at it, and the great dragon started roaring loudly (for it was allergic to cream pie) and started chasing hi.

The dragon was one yard behind Fudd when XTUX appeared and put a small microchip on his staff. Fudd, who was curious what it did, pressed it and suddenly he was inside a giant mech!

Fudd (now Giant Fudd) shot a giant cream pie at the Maledict who ran away from Fudd, roaring and trying to get the pie off his face.


  • Giant Punch
  • Firing giant and highly sticky cream pies.
  • Flight (limited, can only fly for five minutes and then has to recharge)
  • "Eye Laser" (actually just a red lightbulb, used for scaring opponents)
  • Crushing small enemies with his feet


It is usually hidden in Fudd's staff's functions, and he only uses it when in great danger.


  • If you press a big red button on his back, he can be frozen for 2 days. This has often been used to the opponent's advantage. However it is rather hard to reach, if you are small (and, as this is huge, is normally the case).
    • Some tall characters often accidently push the blue button on his front, he powers up and starts firing missiles at the victim. Said missiles freeze the opponent for 20 seconds.


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