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Genteroo Base
The base.
Genteroo Base map
Location on the sea.
Vital statistics
Type Underwater base.
Level 300
Location New North Etana
Inhabitants The NNE Navy.

The Genteroo Base is a secret base used by the New North Etana navy. It is hidden deep underwater somewhere south-east from Kanapa City. The base is well hidden, and has no entrance from the water, there is a passage between the base and Kanapa. Not much information is confirmed, but most of it is classified. The base is the only underwater base. It is owned by the New North Etana army. It also serves as a NATO base, since the NWC Treaty.


The base project was drawn in January, 2009. The realisation started in February, 2009 and finished in April, 2009. The base construction documents remain TOP SECRET. The original documents are hidden in the base, and the copy is in the PSA Base, somewhere in the USA. If something goes wrong, there is a security gate, where penguins can escape from the base.

Places and How-To-Get-There Instructions[]

It is divided amongst sectors - A, B and C. The underwater, and normal navy ships serving New North Etana are repaired, developed and built in sector A - the eastern. In the central - B, there is the main base for the navy, and a safe place for the population, if New North Etana is in danger. In the western sector - C, there is a base, where the geology is controlled. They make sure, the sea is clean, and the plants and fish not die, or not get diseased.

You may not get there, unless you belong to the New North Etana navy, or you are high ranked in the army. You just work there. If you are hungry, you can buy some snacks at the shop, or eat your dinner at the restaurant. If you are high enough to get there, you musn't tell anybody, what is being discovered there. These information is CLASSIFIED, and the only people outside the state, that in serious matters can get acess to information there, is the South Pole Council, but first, The NNE Governor has to confirm that.

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