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Gemstoned Amulet
Vital statistics
Type Jewel
Effects Glamarous looks, superpowers for a minute.
Source Unknown, sometime during Um
Location Unknown
Cost to buy If bought, may cost up to 1 billion coins.
Cost to sell You would probably price it at 1.5 billion, based on its value.

The Gemstoned Amulet is an amulet, not that of the Elemental Amulets, that contains magical powers. It is proven true in 1978, but has been missing ever since. The Gemstoned Amulet was rumored to be buried deep within the Earth's core, and is also rumored to belong to Firesei.


The Gemstone Amulet was said to have originated from the Um Empire, where penguins constructed on a gem that would help the country. However, they lost it, and had forgotten all about it ever since. The Gemstone Amulet was later found by a random explorer in 1978, whom given it to the USA government for safekeeping. The random explorer was said to have had 'superpowers for a minute or so' and automatically had a transformation of clothing.

The Gemstone Amulet was lost from the USA government in 1986, and like the penguins who lived during the Um era, they forgot it. The Gemstone Amulet may have teleported itself to a random place for another creature to chance upon it, meteorologists claimed.


Based on the random explorer's statement, the gemstone could temporarily give you the power to:

  • Fly
  • Swim twice the normal speed of a penguin (he swam ten seconds within receiving the amulet, and came out to examine it)
  • Resist Poritos (he had a pack of Poritos at the time, and when he wanted to eat another, his flipper could not reach it.
  • Laser Ray (thus charged with destruction of public property)

He also had wonderful clothing, following Fashism for a minute. That is why Emily likes this amulet.

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