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Gatah teh Walrus is a seal who was mistaken for a Walrus, and was banished from the Walrus Crime Ring.


Gatah teh Walrus was born in a bus. Yes, a bus. How a pregnant penniped got on a bus will never be explained. Ever since birth, he was different. He didn't have tusks, he was slim, and had no interest in technology. In fact, he was not very smart and he liked to play wih beach balls, balencing them on his nose.

Then, he began to arf. It was discovered that he was in fact a seal, accidently immigrated by the other Walruses. In fact, he liked to be rubbed on his belly, and swam with Harp Seals.


Soon Gatah's brothers banished him from Walrus Crime Ring, and he lives in Eastshield, as a performer for the local attractions and birthday parties. You too can book him for your party, just dial "770-978-6310". It costs two hundred coins an hour and is GUARENTEED TO PLEASE! Book now!!

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