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Gary the Xaget Dude, or GXD,is the X-Antibody of Gary the Gaget Dude. He is the complete opposite of GGD. He wears the opposite hoodie of him, opposite hat of him,and opposite shoes of him.


GGD X was created after the following events happened: Evreybody in CP was dancing at the Night Club. GGD saw Chenny,and he blasted cookies in her face, Xet then threw something down his mouth,causing something to come out of his body. Mabel,Chenny,Xet,Explorer,Fred,Tails,Ninj,Hat Pop,Swiss Ninja and Fudd crowed around him. GGD jumped back into the crowd,and saw a figure oppiste to him. Then the X-Antibody and GGD had a conversation.

  • GXD X:Hello,I am a X-Antibody.
  • GGD:Of who?
  • GXD :You.
  • GGD:This is not good.

After this,GGD ran into the crowd of the penguins listed above and many other residents (including Ford Car,Link,Darktan ||,Linky,Herbert Horrer,Speeddasher,TurtleShroom and his own puffle,Fire) and out of the Dance Club,screaming and stepping on a piffle.


  • He is the complete oppiste of GGD.
  • He hates evreybody (unless you are Mabel,Ben,Chenny,Benny,Xet,Vam or Lemon)
    • Despite this, Xet wants him dead. But he has said "I'll give him the moon with Vam when I conquer Earth."
  • He served on Ben Hun's side during the Great Wishing Hun Conflict,only the 4th to be PWNed during the conflict.
  • He is not that strong of a fighter.
  • He has a crush on Dot and will win over her.
  • He also has a crush on Willie Watt,and will someday kill Xary to get Willie to like him.
  • He has turned fully good and is now in Flywish's Army. Robo-Flyiwsh also made him powerful. He has recently turned verry evil (about as evil at Darktan) and has left Flywish's Army.

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