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Gary Tales:The Video Game is a game for the Vii,and will come out on March 28th,2010. The game will feature the charaters in the TV series,Gary Tales. So far,there is only 1 level known,as Gary the Gaget Dude told some pepole. It would be called "Looking for Walrus". It is based on Episode 1 of Gary Tales,but diffrent. Gary the Gaget Dude pointed out that it would not have Walrus outside,it would have him on the loose,and the star's of the show would have to find him. Gary the Gaget Dude has confirmed that there will be a racing part of the game,and it will be "better than the levels". There are secret charaters,and you need cheat codes to unlock them.


  • Gary the Gaget Dude: The main hero of the whole game,Gary the Gaget Dude is featured in all of the levels,with his teammates by his side.
  • Walrus:One of the main villan's of the game,Walrus fights our heroes,and only apeers in the first 2 levels.
  • Ben Hun:The secondary main hero of the game,Ben Hun fights beside Gary the Gaget Dude. He apperrs in boss fight's to be Gary the Gaget Dude's wingman.
  • E-114:E-114 also fights by Gary the Gaget Dude's side. He appers in a bonus level,comfirmed to be "Attacking Gold".

Racing Charaters[]

  • Gary the Gaget Dude (Vehicle:Dirtbike)
  • Ben Hun (Vehicle:SUV)
  • Explorer 767 (Vehicle:Giant Red Propeller Cap)
  • Happyface4141 (Vehicle:Flying Chair)
  • Barkjon (Vehicle:Surfboard)
  • Ninjiann (Vehicle:Cookie)
  • TurtleShroom (Vehicle:Turtle)
  • Hat Pop (Vehicle:Flywing Bunny Ears)
  • Snowman 1001 (Vehicle:Flying Snowman)
  • Fred 676 (Vehicle:Book)
  • Speeddasher (Vehicle:Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Metalmanager (Vehicle:Walrus Mcmanager)
  • Gknee19 (Vehicle:Jetpack)
  • Swiss Ninja (Vehicle:Walri)
  • Ratonbat OR Merbat (depending on gender) (Vehicle:Hedgehog=Ratonbat/WitchyPenguin's broom=Merbat)
  • Akbaboy (Vehicle:Flying Monkeys)
  • Darktan (Vehicle:Darktan II)

Cheat Codes[]

  • 3NKO90HFRTNFQ1= Herbert (Description: The meanest,and 3rd boss,Herbert and his earthquake driller may be enough to stop Gary the Gaget Dude)
  • 2YHJ98776VD= Earthquake Drilller (Racing Game ONLY) (Description:This vehicle is one of the fastest things in the entire USA.)
  • 7KHU90VF6VD= The Leader (Description: The second boss, his racing vehicle, the Lancer Stratos 10000, a modified version of the Lancer Stratos, is one of the fastest vehicles in the game. It has in built guided freeze missiles, deletion lasers and spray ditto gas. If you can chase him down, you'd get his car. Occasionally, he may agree to be an ally but usually turns)
  • 3ER45ERRR5ETU= Flywish and WishFlyX/Shadow Light (Description: WishFlyX is the 1st boss of the game, He is able to morph into dragon form without an amulet. And Flywish is someone the group encounters for him to help them beat bosses by selling them weapons for money.)

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