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Gaarg, clone 12486, version 2.0
Gaarg image
Gaarg after winning the puffolian election of 2009
Vital statistics
Title Current Leader of the Puffolians
Gender Male
Race Purple Puffolian
Faction The Puffolian Legion of Dance
Health Suffering early stages of fat
Level Highest in Puffolian Terms
Status Eating at Glurion Derishburger's
Location The Jezrux Quadrant

Gaarg is the current leader of the puffolians. After being elected back in January 2009, he is trying to solve the Quadrant's energy crisis.


Gaarg was cloned on March 2004 on a Tuesday, but because his data coding was corrupted during the cloning process (Which gave him his tomgirlish personality.) he was put in the sunspension chamber immeadiatly.

It wasn't until a year later the sunspension chambers broke down and Gaarg got away, he became an average puffolian citizen in The Jezrux Quadrant. A few day before Christmas 2008 he got a job in teaching newly cloned puffolians breakdancing, in factm he was so amazing he was allowed to take part in the 2009 Puffolian Elections.

Suprisingly, he won the election and became the leader of the Jezrux Quadrant. He hopes that 2009 will be the best year for all the puffolians.


Being the leader of The Jezrux Quadrant, Gaarg has to give laws and speeches to ensure that his utopia does not break down. He is tomgirlish (Because his data coding became corrupted during cloning) and is known to have many nervous tics that are only satisfied by eating at Glerion Derishburger's, the local fast food place, because of this he is suffering from fat.

Currently Gaarg is trying to find a way to solve The Jezrux Quadrant's energy crisis, searching for the most effective and cheapest way.


  • Gaarg is based off of Gorg from Space channel 5.
  • Gaarg hates McDoodle's, even though he is suffering from Fat.

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