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Frysland Abbey is home to Governance Priests and Officials who take care of the Nearby Cathedral in Fanon City.


This abbey was made the same time as the cathedral was. Secretly, It is also the entrance to the Fanon City Catacombs, but most of all, to the Headquarters of The Order of the Clover. It also is home to the orphanage, which is conjoined to the Abbey. Many of the Workers for this Tenecale usually come from the Orphanage, so there is no worry about jobs.


Penguin Chicks of both genders come here when they no longer have any parents or family. The Preists and the Preistessess care for them by providing them a room to sleep and eat. Two classrooms are made for each gender for Education. They learn basic Math, Science, Reading, History, and Governance Job Training. The chick usually stays there until they are 16 - 18 years of age, when they are able to be sponsered to have a job. If they do get a job, they will also recieve a house, leaving the Orphanage. However, most orphans just become part of the abbey because they recieved training when young. The New Governance members then get to have their own seperate personal bedrooms.


For those who are sick, they are transported to the Abbey's Hospice for treatment. The Governance workers are trained to heal, and are the best healers in all of Fanon city. The latest Technology is used; all treatments are absoluteley free of charge. This is the only medical center in the city, so they have many patients.

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