Fruit Island
Fruit Island
The green entanglement is the rainforest,the black circle is the jungle's entrance, and the yellow eyes... no clue.
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Vital statistics
Type island
Level +2
Location S of Sealville
Inhabitants puffles penguins migrating terns

Fruit Island is the biggest food harvesting area in all of Antarctica. Most of USA's fruits and vegetables depend on the island itself. A number of fruits grow on the island, and they hope to produce even more.


Carl Arnott discovered it after naming Ross Island. He started a settlement there to farm and harvest the fruit. The settlement is still there to this day. Later, Explorer 767 discovered that the reason the island produces so much fruit is that the wind paterns and climate cause the city of Ternville to rain down on the island when it passes by. A trading deal was started up in 2009. Fruit Blaster and Banana Blaster ammo was imported from here. Sam Rudi, Drake Rudi, and the Rudi family use to live here.


  • Settlements-where the farmers and harvesters live
  • Fruit Fields
  • Fruit Rainforest
  • Tern Roosting Nests
  • The old abandoned Rudi family house


There are TONS of fruit you could get here! These are all the fruits you could get on the island. (The number in the brackets represent how much fruits are approx. harvested every harvesting day from 2000-2009)

  • Apple (450)
  • Banana (200)
  • Orange (314)
  • Pear (219)
  • Grapes (1,000)
  • Guava (200)
  • Grapefruit (600)
  • Passion Fruit (250)
  • Pomegranate (700)
  • tomatoes (726)
  • Cantaloupe (987)
  • Lemon (439)
  • Lime (89)
  • Starfruit (598)
  • Pineapple (30)
  • Kiwi (110)
  • Mangoes (154)
  • Papaya (124)
  • Bannople (1)
  • Potatoes (10)
  • Coffee Beans (1 million)
  • Rice (450kg)
  • Peanuts (100kg)
  • Coconuts (30)
  • Vegetables (300kg)

Add more if you know fruits that are not in the list!


  • Puffles
  • Native Penguins
  • Migrating terns that spend the night here


  • Skua Bosses
  • Leopard Seals

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