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The New Fruit Gun
Fruit Blaster image
Gun with grappling hook and flashlight attached.
Vital statistics
Type Non-fatal Weapon
Effects Fires all types of fruit.
Source G
Location On shelves in the USA NOW
Cost to buy 1006 coins
Cost to sell 1100 coins

The Fruit Blaster is an all-purpose, non-fatal weapon made by G. It is a later version of the Banana Blaster.


After Kwiksilver went off with G's Banana Blaster prototype, G developed another version which could fire other kinds of fruit as well as bananas. When Kwiksilver returned, the modifications he made to the Banana Blaster inspired G to make it specially for Darktan combat. To operate the gun, first load the fruit of your choice into the slot under the gun. Next, switch the dial on the gun to Splatter, Rapid, or Whole. On Splatter, it delivers a high pressure squirt of melted fruit. On Rapid, it fires fruit pellets like a machine gun. On Whole, it fires the whole fruit, which will knock an enemy unconsious. Then fire.

Types Of Fruit[]

Name Effect Best Mode
Banana Covers you in sticky banana mush. Every mode
Lemon Stings your eyes. Splatter
Apple A solid, painful hit. Whole
Orange Stings your eyes. Splatter
Grape Rapid hits that stain clothing. Rapid


  • Bright Flashlight
  • Grappling Hook
  • Youtube Player
  • Walkie-talkie
  • Cup holders


  • Kwiksilver still keeps his original gun, saying 'I've become attached to it'.
  • Many Darktan fighters use this gun.
  • Tails6000 always uses the rapid mode
  • Willy the Penguin has once been seen using this for target practice. He also says that he has considered owning one.

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