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Frozen the Penguin
The happiest guy you'll ever meet
Vital statistics
Title Frozen Waffle the Penguin
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction President of the Go-Getters Association
Health The Best!
Level Eleventy Seven
Status Being a happy weirdo
Location In the future Snowville

Frozen or Frozen the Penguin is the (future) descendant of Willy the Penguin. He is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy, and always tries sees the best in other penguins.


Early Life[]

Frozen Waffle was hatched in Snowville, and lived there all his chick hood, and was very well-liked, but some found him annoying, due to his constant optimism. (He was born happy) He had many friends, and had a thing for waffles, which he brought everywhere with him. He loved to dance, and won several competitions, and was always humble about it. When he was old enough, he eventually left Snowville for the life of adventure, but his optimism would be a great trouble down the road.

The adventuring lifestyle[]

During Frozen's attempts to live an extreme life, he lived alone for the most part, but made friends along the way. Soon enough, he left life of adventuring for a more quiet life of sipping tea by the fire in the den.

The Quiet life[]

Frozen just wanted to live a quiet life, but was soon sucked into more adventures, (more than one actually) but he finally settled down in Snowville, the place he was hatched, and that is where he will be residing.


Since Frozen lives in the future, it's pretty hard to say what he does, but let's go with he's happy for now.


  • He is Willy the Penguin's future descendant
  • He's happy 24/7
  • He likes bananas and waffles

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