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The Frosian Warriors is the military of the country of FRG. It consists of an Army, a Navy, a Marine Force (called Frosian Watersnakes), a Space Force, a Coast Guard, and an Air Force. The total amount of individuals in all FW is 50,672.

Frosian Warriors Army[]

The FW Army is the primary attack and defense force of FRG. It currently has 11k individuals in it. They use small arms like the M4 Snowball Carbine, the M16A4 Snowball Rifle, the SCAR-H Snowball Battle System, the BA1 Snowball Sniper Rifle and the PM1 Snowball Machine Gun.

Frosian Warriors Air Force[]

The Frosain Warriors Air Force or FWAF, is the air force of the Frosian Warriors. Along with Ternville, Lichenblossom, and Flystonia, the FRG has one of the strongest, most efficient air forces in Antarctica. They are currently waiting for PASA's word on the PAF-15S/MTD. They use the following aircraft. It has 8,102 individuals in it.

FWAF Aircraft In Use[]

  • PAF-15S/MTD High-speed, high maneuverability combat jet. Still in PASA test phase.
  • PAF-30RH High speed combat jet, fastest in service.
  • PAF-18E/F Super-sonic carrier based multi-role combat jet.
  • PAF-35 Super-sonic stealth attack fighter.
  • Arcticfighter Tsunami Very fast combat jet.
  • PGS-130 Turboprop driven aerial gunship.
  • PAH-64 Turboshaft driven attack helicopter.
  • PAF-23S Stealth combat jet, high speed but low firepower.
  • PAF-22S Stealth combat jet, not as stealthy as the PAF-23S but more firepower.
  • PAV-141N Supersonic naval VTOL jet.
  • PAH-6M Really small attack helicopter.
  • PTH-6M Really small transport helicopter.

Frosian Navy & Coast Guard[]

The Frosian Navy is the primary sea force of FRG. It consists of 32 ships total. A subsidiary force, the Frosian Warriors Coast Guard, is the coastal control force of FRG.

Frosian Warriors Space Force[]

The FW Space Force is the space oriented branch of FW. It collaborates mostly with the FWAF with satellites, which relay target information. It also manages the launch of Deletion Missiles and Ice Missiles, as well as the development of the Goop Warhead.


  • 1st Recon Force Blacksnakes
  • 2nd Assault Force Scorpions