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Frosian Airwaves
[[Frosian Airwaves|250px]]
Vital statistics
Name Frosian Airwaves
Native name
IATA code {{{iata}}}
ICAO code {{{icao}}}
Callsign AIRWAVE
Founded June 12,2006
Commenced operations June 18,2007
Ceased operations
Hubs Philawind International Airport
Secondary hubs Blizzardville International Airport
Focus cities
Frequent flyer program FrosianPoints
Airline lounge FreezeClub
Airline alliance SkyAlliance
Subsidiaries Frosian Cargowaves
Fleet 25
Destinations 27
Company slogan Ride on the Airwaves
Parent company Airwaves Aviation Holdings
Headquarters 600 Snowingdown Road, Philawind East District

Frosian Airwaves is the primary airline of FRG. It has other hubs in the USA, Club Penguin, Dorkugal and MAI. They are currently planning a large hub expansion. Another part of Frosian Airwaves is Frosian Cargowaves, the cargo version of Frosian Airwaves. [[Image:Frosian_Airwaves.png


Frosian Airwaves, was first proposed in the FRG's House of Assembly, by a Representative named George Mick, who wanted to start a government-run airline, that would operate from Philawind International Airport, which was built a year earlier and had no airlines operating from it. The assembly voted three times, and was slightly passed by a two percent margin of error between the assembly. So, the government ordered many Snowing 767-300ER, and recieved them four months later. They then started services from Philawind to South Pole City on June 1, 2009. The airline expanded operations to other areas such as Dorkugal and other areas of the USA. In mid-2009, the airline placed large orders for large aircraft, and some small aircraft. In November of 2009, the airline started service with the new aircraft.


The current fleet of the Frosian Airwaves consists of:

  • Snowing 737-700 (12)
  • Snowing 747-400ER (5)
  • Snowing 767-300ER (8)


There are three classes, FrosianFirst, Business and Economy Class


FrosinaFirst is the first class equivalent of the airline. The class is only available on international flights,and only some domestic flights. The class features leather seats, that can recline to 180 degrees, and converts into a small bed. The in-flight entertainment systems are provided by FrosianTV, featuring more than 21 channels on PTVs and 12 radio channels. Full, five course meals are available as well for no extra charge. Passengers also have access to a special check-in counter, as well as pre-flight beverage service as well. There is also free beverage service available as well. Travelers may also go to the FrosianLounge, an exclusive club for FrosianFirst passengers available at select destinations continent wide.

Business Class[]

This class is available on all flights operated by Frosian Airwaves. The class features leather seats, that can recline to 160 degrees, for a passengers' comfort. The in-flight is also provided by FrosianTV, and features 16 television channels and only 12 radio channels. Three course meals are available for a small fee as well. Passengers also have access to special shuttles to select hotels in select cities. On shorter domestic flights, no in-flight entertainment is provided, but in-flight magazines are available as well. Unlike FrosianFirst, this class has only limited access to the FrosianLounge.

Economy Class[]

This class is available on all flights operated by Frosian Airwaves. The class features polyester and leather seats than can recline to 135 degrees, for a passenger's comfort. The in-flight entertainment must be pre-paid prior to boarding during check in, or reservation. The in-flight entertainment is also provided by FrosianTV, with 12 television channels, and 6 radio channels. Two course meals are provided but have to also be paid for on board the aircraft on pre-paid during check in. Snacks and small beverages are also available for a small fee as well. The passengers traveling in this class have no access to the FrosianLounge or HotelShuttle either.