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Freezeland Day is the celebration of Freezeland's independance. It is held on December 21, the day the Proclamation of Freezelandian Independence was signed.


There are many ways to celebrate Freezeland Day. Most towns hold Fireworks displays, with the world's largest fireworks display being held in Ard Mhaca. There are concerts and parties held in parks and on beaches. It also marks the begining of the holidays, Christmas being four days away.


Frostborough is well known for it's parade. Marching bands, performers, singers, and soldiers march through the downtown, with King Triskelle as the final part of the parade. His majesty gives a speech at 15:00 from Castle Fullmoon, and the leaders of other countries are invited to a banquet. Fireworks are held south of the town, supplied by the Navy.

Ard Mhaca[]

Ard Mhaca holds a fair on Freezeland day, until Christmas Eve day. Admittance is free. Many penguins get face paintings, wear patriotic colours, and enjoy the world's largest fireworks display in the evening.

West Yeti[]

West Yeti enjoys a festival lasting throughout the day, with traditional music and food. At night, fireworks are launched from ships on the harbour, along with a light show.


Carrenmoore holds a concert by the river Jadis. Singers come from all over Freezeland (and other countries) to sing in the concert.

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