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Freeze Ray
Freeze Ray image
Vital statistics
Type weapon
Effects Freezes anything it blasts
Source Icecorp.
Cost to buy 800 coins
Cost to sell 700 coins

This is a weapon used to freeze enemies.


This weapon was invented in G's secret laboratory.He tested it out on some Jerks that were vandalizing his lab later that day.He saw that the invention was working fantastically.He decided to sell it to Icecorp. to make for armies.It works by combining hydrogen and water.When it hits the creature,it will be so cold that the penguin is paralyzed for half an hour.It doesn't work on demon based creatures because their blood is so hot.It doesn't work on robots because they never actually have body heat.


  • It can freeze all creatures except for Demon based creatures or robots.
  • It Plays a special role in the Despicable Me Party !
  • it is members only

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