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Fredsworth "F"
Fredsworth image
Fredsworth "F", G's evil younger brother.
Vital statistics
Title Mad Scientist?
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Faction
Health Pretty fair, has a fatal allergy to peanuts.
Level 9
Status Youngest member of G's Family.
Location Club Penguin

Fredsworth "F" is G's lovable, albeit evil younger sibling. F is exactly 12 years old, while G's age is unknown (he is older). Like many younger siblings, F has mastered "the look", i.e. looking pitiful (puppy dog eyes) to get out of trouble. F, like Klutzy, is considered adorable, and many have been tricked into his "good little penguin" act. He can ALWAYS escape trouble in this manner.

In his family, he is the fifth youngest, after Dooley, Perry, E and Ned and Natalie.


Fredsworth "F" is the younger member of G's Family. No one really knows why he is evil, but he most certainly is. G really loves F, and has no clue he is evil. Due to this, he has never been convicted, even if he was caught. G just simply can not comprehend that he has an evil sibling. F sees Professor Z as an extreme nuisance, though they have little of a relationship. F is a golden yellow, whilst G is dark blue.


Although F is really evil, he really doesn't have a chance to do much. He's small, about two-thirds the size of G, which hampers his ability to reach high shelves and levers. He wanders around Club Penguin, and like G, people love to meet him. He tries to act nice, but it can be difficult due to his naughty nature. Like his brother, F is a master scientist, though no one currently knows just what he is up to.


F giving The Look

Fredsworth giving "The Look".

  • Fredsworth is one of the few penguins with teeth (he has one pointy fang-thing like Judge Xavier).
  • Never call F by his real name (Fredsworth), it makes him REALLY mad.
  • His only fear is the fact that his mother liked G more than him.
  • More nerdier (and shorter) than G.
  • Fredsworth has a potentially fatal allergy to peanuts. If he merely touches on, or even inhales it, he will start having a coughing fit. If he eats anything with peanuts, he'll pass out and require a 911 call immediately.
  • He and Fred 676 hate it when they get confused for each other, especially by G.
  • Both the Antics Brothers can tell when Fred is giving them "The Look", and they aren't fooled by it. (especially Explorer, who has mastered the Look as well, but never uses it)
  • Fredsworth (F) has been known to go to school at Penguin University (formerly Penguin State University or PSU)
  • Fredsworth might have invented the wretchedly evil robot MicroChip.
  • Coool31 calls him Fredward on purpus, which makes Fredworth furious.
    • he also uses funny variations like fredwerd
  • The only penguin who does "The look" better than him is Cutiekins.

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