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Frankie S. Freeziebreezie
Frankie S2
Frankie The Cashier
Vital statistics
Title Frankie, Frankie The Cashier
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction Cashier
Health 100%
Level ? (Aged 30)
Status The cashier of The Restaurant
Location His Igloo, Snowville (The Right one near to The Shop) and The Restaurant
Occupation Cashier
Interests Banking
Friends His puffles, his boss
Enemies None
Alma mater Penguin State University
Archetype Good

Frankie S. Freeziebreezie (born June 26, 1978) is the second-generation cashier of The Restaurant. He wears a bow tie and a shirt with a brown jacket, and the Sunstriker wig.


Frankie hatched on June 26 1978. Like his father, he thought that being a cashier was the best job in the world. It wasn't until he went to school that he learned about its low rank in the corporate world. In fact, students laughed at him for it. Regardless, Frankie didn't really care. He went on with his life and with his academics, graduating at the top of his class, and breezing through college, majoring in economics. He had the education of a high-level banker or a financial advisor. His peers came to him for advice, even those that once mocked him. When he finally graduated, many expected him to become a top competitor in economics, or perhaps at the Money Plaza in Club Penguin.

To everyone's shock, Frankie chose to follow in his father's footsteps. He became a cashier at The Restaurant.


He is the second generation of being the cashier in The Restaurant. His father was the first. No one really figured out why he turned down all of the oppurtunities which potential employers gave him, or why he wasted so many years in college for pressing buttons on a register. Frankie ingnores these comments, noting that "money does not mean happiness". He proudly displays his diplomas on the wall behind the register.


  • He likes to play hockey.
  • He has one brother and two sisters.
  • When it's midnight, Frankie goes to his igloo and sleeps.
  • He usually says: May I take your order? and Please come again.

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