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Four Puffles

The current Four Puffles logo.

Four Puffles Hotel is the most famous hotel chain in Antarctica, formed suprisingly by Penghis Khan and his servants, later sold to his servants. It has a hotel in almost every country and state of countries with states, including the UPR.



The Former Four Puffles Hotel Logo.

When Penghis Khan needed somewhere to sleep during the five day debate in the South Pole Council in 2005, he ordered his servants to build a hotel called the Four Puffles. It became very popular and has spread all over the USA.


Eastshield, USA[]

Trans-Antarctica, USA[]

Pengolia, USA[]

  • Penghis Khan Four Puffles (Pengolia Capital)
  • Penghis Khan Hates Mabel Four Puffles (Pengolia Capital Outskirts)
  • Penghis Khan Wants You To Stay In This Hotel Hotel (Pengolia Capital Outskirts)
  • Penghis Khan Is No Good Hotel (Pengolia Capital Outskirts)

Antarctic Peninsula, USA[]

Sub-Antarctic, USA[]

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Weddell, USA[]

  • Four Puffles Shield Hotel (Shield City)
  • Four Puffles Chill Hotel (Beach Town)
  • Four Puffles Turtles' Inn (Turtle Atoll)

Free Republics of USA[]



Please read from top to bottom

  1. Reception, Penguins and Puffles Restarunt and Cafe, PuffleLand Playroom, Garden Relaxation Lodge, Adult Penguin and Puffle Gambling Area Casino.
  2. Standard, Relaxation Library, Puffle Nursury
  3. Standard, Puffle Walk Park
  4. Standard, Pets and Owners Grand Swimming Pool
  5. Standard
  6. Deluxe, Fit Fit Fitness Center
  7. Deluxe, Luxury Experience Spa
  8. Deluxe
  9. Primier, Hallway To Special Suites
  10. Primier
  11. Suite
  12. Stray Puffles Suite
  13. Rooftop Party, VIP Lounge, Quest for the Rainbow Puffle


  • There is always a potrait of Penghis Khan on the every floor.
  • This is an obvious parody to a hotel in reality. Answer here!

they are a rising bussines empire

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