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Ford Car & Link
Ford Car and Link image1
The box-art for the season 1 collection
Show statistics
Genre Animated series
Created by
Cast Ford Car, as himself
Spy Guy Pers, as Link
G, as himself
Dancing Penguin as himself
Fake Tails6000, as Darktan
Computer Generated Voice, as Metal Explorer
Airing date 2009
Opening theme Epic Music
Running time 17 - 22 minutes
Country of origin USA
Language(s) English
Production company(s)
Producers(s) Alfy 3
No. of seasons 6 seasons
No. of episodes 72 episodes (unconfirmed)
External Info
Spin-off(s) Adventures of Tails6000, Dancing Penguin and G & The Justice Team
Preseries None

Ford Car and Link is an animated comedy series about the PSA agent Ford Car trying to capture the villian Link. The other main characters are Ford Car's brother Dancing Penguin and the boss G. It started airing on TV in 2009 sometime after Link was captured, and has been very popular ever since. One popular feature about it is that the show is based on many events that actually happened in the USA with some edits.


This show starts out with the intro, which is Ford Car attempting to catch Link while Epic Music is playing. Then it will show most of the cast. Then Tails will try to help which ends up going horribly wrong. Link will then escape all the traps set up to catch him. And one running gag was Ford Car putting a dollar under an anvil and he saw and said "Ooh, a dollar!" and trys to get it and then gets an anvil to his head. It will then move on to whatever episode is airing.

Darktan will sometimes make appearences in quite a few episodes as the enemy of both Ford Car, and Link. He will usually send Abyss Knights, or some of his other minions to capture them. Ford Car, and Link will then ironically team up and fight their way out. They will then shake flippers, and Ford Car will reveal a hidden trap. Link somehow allways escapes though leaving G's top agent with no criminal caught.

New episodes air every Friday night a 7:00. It is sponsored by Oxipie, Fishburger Helper, Mershins-Kazooy Inc, and Wes Industries.


Main cast[]

Secondary characters[]


Season 1 - 22 Episodes - Winter 2008/2009

Season 2 - 16 Episodes - Spring 2009

Season 3 - 12 Episodes - Summer 2009

Season 4 - 12 Episodes - Fall 2009

Season 5 - 9 Episodes - Winter 2009/2010

Season 6 - 9 Episodes - Spring 2010

Season 7 - 15 Episodes - Winter 2011/2012

Episode List[]

This is a list of Ford Car and Link episodes, with their stories. Episodes in green are award winning episodes.

Season 1[]

Season 1 of Ford Car and Link aired on the Winter of 2008/2009. It is mostly focused on Ford Car trying to capture Link and takes place on the end of 2008. It's almost the same as the real thing except Link's large hatred for G was left out as it was thought to be rather to offensive (see the article Link for details).

  • Episode 1: How It Began, Part 1 - This is the first episode in the entire series. It shows how Ford Car first met Link, and how they became rivals. It also shows their point of view in flashbacks with the participation of Dancing Penguin and G.

  • Episode 2: How It Began, Part 2 - The continuation of the previous episode.

  • Episode 3: Darktonian Terror - Darktan sends an army of Doom Knights to capture Ford Car due to the agent telling a joke about him at the South Pole Council. He succeeds and Link is tempted to just leave him there. A few days later though, the villian realizes that he misses the times when he and Ford Car were rivals. This eventually leads him to rescue the agent and the chase starts again.

  • Episode 4: Ford Car and the Furry Fiend - After borrowing one of G's inventions, Ford Car turns Link into a Puffle in hopes of catching him more easily. Even worse for Link, Mabel finds him attractive as a Puffle and is constantly following him. Later however, Link is turned back to normal and the machine breaks down.

  • Episode 5: The nightmare that never ends! - In bed one night the cast of the show had a big pass out and had nightmares for example, Ford Car has dreams about Link trying to catch him; Link is getting captured by Ford Car's traps always; Dancing Penguin dreams that the Night Club is closing; G dreams that his whole family is being taken by Darktan's army; Darktan is having random dreams about him losing to the good guys; Winston is having weird dreams about him getting hugged by everyone he hugged; Cadence dreams that no one wants to play Dance Off with her. And then when they notice a weird villain called the Dream Destroyer Controller of Nightmares has caused these insanity dreams. And then the ones who had the dreams work together and defeat this villain for good and then Ford Car shows a hidden trap on Link and then gets hit with the anvil poor Ford Car!

  • Episode 6: Rap If Lo Lo - This episode is an April Fools joke by the producers. Hannah Montana sings about Link and Ford Car in a cool music video.

  • Episode 7: MAH BOI! - Ford Car travels to the house of the mysterious creature PogoPunk, hoping he'll know how to catch Link. The agent offers him fifty coins, and a free Snowtendo DS, so Pogopunk agrees. Later Link is shown sitting under a Pine Tree relaxing when Pogopunk approaches. Never seeing him, Link runs as fast as he can with the creature calling out "MAH BOI! This sentence to Ban Island is what all true villians strive for"! In the end Link makes Ford Car fall into black paint, leading Pogopunk to believe he's the Boi. The Agent yells and then runs away with the strange creature chasing him on a pogo stick waving a net around.

  • Episode 8: Blasts from the Past - Having gotten a hold of G's Time Machine, Ford Car plans on going back in time to stop Link from ever becoming a villian and joining the Str00dels. Unfortunatley he sets it to far back and accidently lets out the army of Khanzem and a younger, and stronger version of Whoot Smackler Whoot. The army invaides all of the USA and Ford Car is ashamed of himself. Later however, Link comes by and offers to help him get the Khanzems back to their time period. The two shake flippers, and activate the time machine. Using a vaccum G attached onto the machine, Ford Car and Link suck the citizens of Khanzem back in time to where they belong. The two then shake flippers again, when Ford Car reveals a hidden trap. Unfortunatley he is caught in it again and Link escapes.

  • Episode 9: Revenge of Darktan - Darktan decides to capture both Link and Ford Car as his last plan failed. By sending his army of Dark Archons to Club Penguin City, they are soon captured and placed in a cell. Fortunatley Link finds a hole in Darktan's wall. Using a spoon he found, him and Ford Car try and make it bigger. After a few days they manage to escape, but once they get out the chase begins once more.

  • Episode 10: That's Negative, Partner - In a strange phenomenon accidentally caused by G, all good penguins turn bad and vice-versa. However, Fords are immune to this. Since Ford Car and Dancing Penguin are Fords too, they join good Link, good Darktan and good Xary in their mission to go back in time to stop the madness.

  • Episode 11: Pengolia's Deadliest - Having tried almost everything to stop Link, Ford Car goes to Pengolia to offer Penghis Khan a deal. Now all of Pengolia is after Link. By tricking Koobly Khan however, the villian manages to escape the army and Ford Car once again returns home with no villian caught.

  • Episode 12: It was Nothing - The chase has now led Ford Car and Link into the world of Nothing wich is at the moment very unpopulated. As they continue the chase Link finds the control board for the dimension and decides to use it for his own purpose. When he starts typing in actions things get very crazy, such as all the penguins living in the town of Something moving in slow motion, and Ford Car believing he's a Arctic Tern. Eventually though, G stops the hacking and the chase begins once more.

  • Episode 13: The Unlucky Story - This episode involves Ford Car bribing Mayor McFlapp to make sure he catches Link. Afterwards, Link hides at Ternville. After a comedic chase through the street, Link and Ford Car fall down to the PSA. The narration organ crashes, forcing Mayor McFlapp to restart it to cause the end of the universe. He then restores to a backup, before Ford Car bribed him, and prevents him from doing so to prevent another crash..

  • Episode 14: Let's get ready to Rumble - Darktan challenges Ford Car to a extreme Card-Jitsu match against him and Metal Explorer. However the rules state you must have two players on your team, and all the agent's friends are busy at the moment. Eventually he is forced to chose Link as his partner. In the end they defeat Darktan, and Link once again escapes from Ford Car.

  • Episode 15: Power of Winston - Since he's been able to trap many other penguins with his hugs, Winston is sent out by Ford Car to trap Link. For awhile, the criminal is trapped, but Link eventually escapes. In the end Ford Car is seen being stuck in one of Winston's hugs.

  • Episode 16: Fruit Pie is Equal to SPLAT! - Ford Car uses the Pie Tank against Link to trap him. Unfortunately, Link simply dodges it and eats the ammo. He then fires bananas with the Banana Blaster and Link is sick to his stomach. With the queasy stomach, Link simply walks to Ford Car. When Ford Car finally catches him, Link get nauseous, and Ford Car runs so he is not hit by the stuff Link will release. Link runs away, causing Ford Car to chase him again.

  • Episode 17: Twas the afternoon before Christmas - Ford Car gets ready hanging up the Christmas stockings with Dancing Penguin, and decorating the tree. However Link decides to play a prank on the two. That afternoon, he dresses up as Santa and walks in the door (how many igloos have chimenies?) only to realise it's not night. He tries to act like Santa, but the agent pulls down Link's fake beard and reconises him. Getting pie that was ment to be for tomorrow he throws it at Link demanding him to leave. The villian then looks sad and goes to back to his house. However soon after he leaves Ford Car realises that Link must feel lonely, and invites him to celebrate with them. That night they all have roasted mullet, and are happy for the night at least.

  • Episode 18: Not in 2009 - Ford Car finds himself unconscious in a piece of wood floating in the sea, without remembering what happened to him. He finds a message in his pocket that says "Thank you for letting me go -- Link". He then starts remembering what happened in his Christmas Eve with Link and Dancing Penguin in the form of flashbacks. After being nice to Link and offering him a roasted mullet, Link knocked him out. Later, he is rescued by G and Dancing Penguin in a helicopter and they wish him a Merry Christmas. There, he promises that he will capture Link before the year 2008 ends.

  • Episode 19: Not The End, Part 1 - In the New Year's Eve, December 31st, Ford Car finally captures Link with the help of Oxipie. Meanwhile, G must join a dance competition to get important information from Dancing Penguin.

  • Episode 20: Not The End, Part 2 - Ford Car plans to send Link to Ban Island for a 40 year suspension. He boards a ship and starts sailing to the island. However while they're sailing, the two mysteriously break the Fourth Wall. Meanwhile, G shows his dance moves and Dancing Penguin reveals what he knows about the Fourth Wall.

  • Episode 21: Not The End, Part 3 - Ford Car and Link end up in the dimension of Redwall. They suprisingly find Billy Mays there as well, advertising a new type of scone to the Abbeydwellers. Now with the help of the advertiser's products, they must find the Fourth Wall and get back to the USA. But things go wrong when Link escapes from Ford Car. Meanwhile, G uses his Fourth Wall Breaker 3000 machine to transport himself to the Fourth Wall.

  • Episode 22: Not The End, Part 4 - Link escapes from the dimension using the Fourth Wall Breaker, leaving Ford Car and G stuck in there, but using an alternative timeline, Ford Car gets back in time to the ship and sail to Club Penguin with Link. G gets back in time to the dance competition with Dancing Penguin, but they leave and destroy the first timeline with the help of Rookie. Ford Car brings Link to the HQ, and G sentences him to do one month of communitary service. In the last scene of the season, G tells Ford Car, Link and Dancing Penguin about their next target: Darktan.

Season 2[]

Season 2 of Ford Car and Link aired on the Spring of 2009. It was still considered a comedy, but at the same time was more of an action series. It takes place about a month after the end of Season 1 and Link has now sided with Ford Car. Darktan has now moved from a minor character to the main villian and Metal Explorer is introduced as Darktan's right hand bot (he appeared in one Season 1 episode but had a very minor role).

  • Episode 1: Enemies Turn Friends, Part 1 - After capturing Link, Ford Car receives a 5 million coin reward. Link is forced to do communitary service. Ford Car becomes president of Club Penguin City. G goes on a hunt to find Darktan. One month later, Link's communitary service ends and he becomes friends with Ford Car. Meanwhile, G finds out where Darktan is located.

  • Episode 2: Enemies Turn Friends, Part 2 - G finds Darktan, but gets captured by his army and taken to the Darktonian Realm. Now, Ford Car and Link must work together to find G. In the end, they defeat Darktan's army and save the scientist.

  • Episode 3: The great Penguin Kart Race - Ford Car and Link enter in a race against Darktan and Metal Explorer to see who will be the new president of Club Penguin City. Metal Explorer tries to cheat so him and Darktan will win, but Link stops him and in the end Ford Car keeps his position as president.

  • Episode 4: Bolts for brains - Metal Explorer accidently gets his head stuck in Darktan's brain washing machine (wich he actually bought from Doctor Aye-Que) while it's on. Suprisingly when he gets out of it, he becomes much smarter and comes up with ideas to capture Ford Car and Link. Now using the products advertised by Billy Mays, Ford Car and Link must stop the now much smarter robot.

  • Episode 5: It's a stone Link - While trying to teach a couple of young Chicks organization and teamwork, Link show Ford Car a football he made, only to be told that it's a stone and that he didn't make it. Eventually after they finish arguing they decide to use football to teach the Chicks organization and Teamwork. Unfortunatley Link is captured by Metal Explorer to draw Ford Car and G to the Darktonian Realm. With Darktan being asleep, Metal Explorer says that he'll only release Link and let them go if they win a game of football against some Jock Penguins (they are on no ones side, they just want to play football). Despite being outnumbered, Ford Car and G manage to beat the Jock Penguins and they escape with Link.

  • Episode 6: The Great Darktonian Prison Break - In a attempt to drive Ford Car and Link to the Darktonian Realm, Darktan captures Tails6000, Mabel, The Antics Bros, Barkjon, Happyface, and several other penguins and puffles. Now using costumes, Oxipie, and G's inventions, the two penguins must save the captured citizens and stop Darktan. Special guest stars, Madagascar Penguins.

  • Episode 7: You're too slow - G presents Ford Car and Link with his new Snailtron 3000. He plans to turn Darktan and his minions into snails until they learn their lesson in order to prevent a war. After all agreeing on it they set out to the Darktonian Realm and G attempts to fire it at Darktan. Unfortunatley, Metal Explorer jumps up and points the machine in the direction of Ford Car and Link right before it fires, thus turning them into Snails. They try to escape, but being to slow they are captured by Darktan, and G is tied up outside the castle. Fortunatley G escapes and reverses his machine so the two friends are turned back into penguins. Once again being fast enough to escape, the two run back to the nearest town with G.

  • Episode 8: Hide and Seek Extreme! - Tails6000 creates a big game of Hide 'n' Seek and invites everyone to play. Ford Car is in it and at first he notices everyone is at base, so he asks G to make a pair of goggles that help him find everyone. All of his friends are busy so he teams up with Link to find the others. They make Explorer it and then the three are in a metal bush storing snacks and ruining Explorer's count by Tails saying 24, 25, 26 and making Explorer go to 27. After the bush explodes of a shaken soda fight, they take it to the max by hiding in pictures, a fish bowl and even a TV screen! And then the trio make it to home tree and then they break the tree. Tails talks about them being on the tree and thus making Ford Car and Link squished.

  • Episode 9: Backward Step - Ford Car and Link are drinking banana milkshakes when a rift in time opens up and sends them to an alternate universe where time is going backwards. Old penguins are turning into eggs and technology is slowly being destroyed. Kwiksilver happens to be there at the time and the trio must find a way to set things right. They find an abandoned TARDIS that is being used to change time and disconnect it, setting things right. Kwiksilver, Ford Car, and Link walk into the TARDIS, but it dematerializes before they can get out. Special Guest Star, Kwiksilver.

  • Episode 10: Penghis Power - Judge Xavier goes on vacation, leaving a tougher judge. Penghis Khan is arrested for assault with fish. He bribes the krytocracy with Ditto, but bribery is also illegal. Penghis is sent to jail. Meanwhile, A Ford Car imitator trying to ruin the real one's career catches Link, and they both ended in the Hot Snow, due to Link stealing Penghis' fish to whack him. Link is sentenced to a day, but no community service. Penghis breaks out with Link, the imitator, and the Pengolian ruler and former criminal escaping. Xavier returns, being scared by bribery, making things normal.

  • Episode 11: Metal Explorer Menace - Darktan borrows a giant robot from Doctor Aye-Que and makes some adjustments to it. He builds a small room inside it's head and places Metal Explorer inside it. The robot then realises his movements affect the giant robot's movements and then Darktan orders him to retrieve the Master Gem. Later Ford Car and Link see the large robot rampaging across a small city. Link jumps up to stop him, but is simply slapped all the way across the city. Later the robot retrieves the Gem and heads back to the Darktonian Realm. When he arrives there, Ford Car and Link jump out with a whole bunch off drills and take the robot apart. They then run off with the Gem and return it to Angel Island.

  • Episode 12: Ford Car and Link at the Games Part 1 - Tails is furious with Darktan for calling his weapons nothing, and challenges him to The Games. Darktan chooses Metal Explorer, and Manny Peng for his team, and Tails Manages to convince Ford Car and Link to be on his. Soon the three find themselves competing in the Darktonian Arena, and find out by the announcer that if Tails's team looses they'll have to be prisoners in the Darktonian Realm forever. Now the three must win the games, or else be forced to scrub floors forever.

  • Episode 13: Ford Car and Link at the Games Part 2 - During the games, Xary, the announcer, says that there can be only three events: Running 100m Freestyle, Swimming Freestyle 100m and Skeet, a shooting game and that it'll be run via a Best of Three. First up, it's Ford Car VS. Metal Explorer in the 100m Running. Metal cheats, causing him to win. Next up: Manny Peng VS. Link in the Swimming. Link cheats by throwing away Manny's nappies, but Manny had to race using Xary's spare underwear. Manny wasn't happy about it and this caused him to loose. Next up: Darktan VS. Tails6000 in Skeet. Tails goes first and hits 78 plats. When Darktan plays, he scores 78 and was about to hit a plate until one of Darktan's troops say "Hey! We got Luce. Wait, we lost her". Times up and the winners are Tails, Link and Ford Car. However, Darktan would not let the three out of the Darktonian Realm and the chase is on.

  • Episode 14: Hannah Failtannah - Another April Fools Joke Episode featuring Hannah Montanah. Link goes out with his girlfriend to a rock concert, but he dosen't realise it's the horrible singer playing until after he arrives. He's now forced to listen to hours of her singing. In the end he calls Ford Car to pick him up in a helicopter.

  • Episode 15: Vote Headcrab - Ford Car and Link are out on vacation to the United Penguin's Republic. Little do they know, it's voting time there. (It's a democracy after all.) Ford Car and Link look at the parties. Either it's The Leader or a new, odd party, the Headcrab Party, which promises Headcrabs for the working penguin. Early polls show the Headcrabs are in the lead, much to Johnny Darko's dismay. He feels that he needs "some thing awesome" to win. He bought some sort of robot armour. He wins in the final vote. He starts terrorizing the the Republic due to the power goning to his head. Now Ford Car and Link must knock sense into him.

  • Episode 16: Taking it to the Xtreme - Ford Car and Link go to Explorer's igloo to walk Mabel for him. Unfortunatley a strange penguin who looks a little like Speeddasher confronts them. He wears the uniform of the MMK but he bears a huge red X on his forehead. He is trying to get a cage, but Ford Car and Link stop him. Later they report their findings to G.

Season 3[]

Season 3 of Ford Car and Link aired in the Summer of 2009.Willy the Penguin is introduced as a main character. Ford Car and Link's friendship is tested when the X-Virus attacks Antarctica.

  • Episode 1: Attack of the X Part 1 - News about the X-Virus airs throughout the USA, and G sends Ford Car and Link to investigate. After 2 hours of investigating they find nothing and decide to head back, only to be confronted by Darktan X. The clone captures them for a upcoming expiriment it's master has planned (the enemy is never shown, but his voice is raspy and it comes from a large crystal ball).

  • Episode 2: Attack of the X Part 2 - Ford Car and Link have mysteriously disapeared, and members of the PSA are searching for them everywhere. However G thinks they're searching for them in all the wrong places and decides to use his scanner to track them. Meanwhile the two are placed into a machine that is said to infect them with something called the X Virus.

  • Episode 3: Attack of the X Part 3 - Just before Ford Car and Link become infected, what looks like Professor Shroomsky breaks the machine open with heat vision. Stepping out into the dim light, they realize that this "Shroomsky" has fangs and is a darker color, among other things (such as a glowing red X gloating above them). The creature explains to them about the X-Virus, and they escape with the help of their newfound friend. Special Guest Star, Shroomsky X as himself.

  • Episode 4: Attack of the X Part 4 - Ford Car and Link invite G and Shroomsky X to a party in order to thank both of them in saving them from the X Virus. However, just before they start eating cake, a massive explosion is heard, where an odd looking version of Fred 676, in full academic regalia, is glaring. Shroomsky X immediantly informs them of the villain, and after G is captured, and Shroomsky X left, it is up to Ford Car and Link to save him. Soon they save him but more clones are being made. As the period of peace comes to an end, the two realise that this may be something even they can't stop. Special Guest Stars, Shroomsky X as himself, and Fred 676 as FredX.

  • Episode 5: Dancing Done For Part 1 - When Ford Car is just having a normal day, his brother Dancing Penguin starts turning evil, and they must go to Darktan and force him to give a cure. G said Dancing Penguin has turned evil when Darktan took him over night, used a machine, then put him in bed.

  • Episode 8: Dancing Done for Part 4 - Link and Willy the Penguin find a note that leads to the location of the evil Penguins. Meanwhile, Ford Car finds Dancing Penguin and cures him, saving his life. The four then meet with G at the PSA to plan how they'll capture the evil penguins, but when they get to the Penguin University the evil penguins had already escaped in a hot air ballon! Later, they plan their next move at the PSA. Special Guest Stars, Willy the Penguin as himself and Ninjinian as himself.

  • Episode 9: It's a Big Job Part 1 - Ford Car and Link just want to relax after doing so much this season (Link even pointed out that the animator's hands got tired last episode). But then a virus starts mutating all the penguins in the USA, it's up to Ford Car and Link (and also Explorer, Fred, Tails6000, and Willy the Penguin) to stop it before it gets out of hand. Special Guest Stars,Willy the Penguin as himself.

  • Episode 10: It's a Big Job Part 2 - The virus has now consumed The Antics Brothers, Link, Ford Car and G. It's now up to Tails, Willy and Dancing Penguin to stop the virus from consuming the rest of the unaffected. Special Guest Stars, Willy the Penguin as himself.

  • Episode 11: It's a Big Job Part 3 - Dancing Penguin, Tails and Willy go to the Darktonian Realm, where the virus started, but Darktan and his minions aren't there, and Dancing Penguin and Tails gets infected. Willy is left to stop the virus before it gets to the sole survivor. Him. On a sub-plot, evil G, with the help of Link and Ford Car try to program a multitask to destroy Antarctica. Special Guest Stars, Willy the Penguin as himself.

  • Episode 12: It's a Big Job Part 4 - In this 50th episode milestone, Willy gets partially infected, but Ninjinian arrives from UnitedTerra just in time with an antidote, (since he's the cookie master, he was protected) and Ninjinian and Willy get everyone back to normal, but they still wonder where the virus came from. On a sub-plot, Ford Car, Link and G are are almost finishing programming their Multitask machine when Tails and Willy arrive to give them the antidote. As they go back to normal, Link and Ford Car turn to the camera and ask why after 50 episodes they are only getting poor plots. Before the end of the episode, Ford Car says, ironically: "Stay tuned for a new episode of 'Tails and Willy'!". Special Guest Stars, Willy the Penguin as himself, Ninjinian as himself, Explorer as himself, Fred as himself.

Season 4[]

Season 4 aired on Fall 2009. It focuses on the random adventures of Ford Car and Link. It no longer has Metal Explorer as part of the main cast.

  • Episode 1: R&R (The Musical) - Ford Car and Link finally get their well-deserved rest and relaxation but soon a bunch of musical penguins decide to disrupt them and have a musical adventure (much to the annoyance to Ford Car and Link).

  • Episode 2: Janitoral Positions - Ford Car and Link decides to pay a visit to the students at the Penguin Academy and their resident janitor.

  • Episode 3: Black Tornado of Doom - Each of the heroes start being sucked in a Black Tornado, one by one being eliminated by it. The only way to save the world from being sucked in the tornado is with G's Giant Vaccum Cleaner 3000, but both G and the machine are missing.

  • Episode 4: It always happens to us Part 1 - Ford Car and Link are set a mission to invade the base of the evil Doctor Crafter but they find a big secret about there enemy on the way.

  • Episode 5: It always happens to us Part 2 - Ford Car and Link find Doctor Crafter only to find that he is actually Willy the Penguin. They defeat Willy and convince him to come back to the good side but they don't realise the darkness has only just began.

  • Episode 6: Old memories - Ford car and Link take some time to remember the old times.

  • Episode 7: Don't touch anything - Gary takse Ford Car and Link to the EPF room but when Link accidently presses a button robots come to life. Can Ford car and Link defeat the robots and save the day?

  • Episode 8: We need a break Part 1 - Ford Car and Link have been saving the world for too long, so they decide to take a break. But as soon as they sit down, Darktan returns! Will Ford car and Link ever the get their well deserved break? Meanwhile, Willy, Dancing Penguin and Gary also want to talk a break from their adventures, so they start their own Night Club on Club Penguin City!

  • Episode 9: We need a break Part 2 - Ford Car and Link seek help to defeat so they travel to the Kingdom of Tails6000. Meanwhile, Willy, Dancing Penguin and Gary's Night Club becomes famous after Rockhopper visits it, and the they start making a lot of money!

  • Episode 10: We need a break Part 3 - Ford Car and Link make their journey back with Tails6000 and the missile but run into trouble with Darktan's bodyguards. Tails's men fire the missile at Darktan's army, saving Club Penguin and destroying Darktan's army. However, no one cares about what these heroes did, because all the buzz is on the Night Club of Willy, Dancing Penguin and Gary (Ford Car and Link get really jealous for that).

  • Episode 11: We need a break Part 4 - Ford Car and Link try to gain back their protagonism by making the world's largest pancake, but it's not working. They give up and go to Willy, Dancing Penguin and Gary's Night Club. The five have a great time and they finnaly have the break they wanted! Unfortunately, Manny Peng comes to the club and everyone leaves it when they see him.

  • Episode 12: Snowballs all the way - Ford Car and Link hold a Christmas Party but when a snowball ghost invades trouble comes.

Season 5[]

This season aired in Winter 2009/2010. It is about a saga of "send in the clones" where Aye-Que and Darktan make clones of Ford Car, Link and Tails. Can they prevail to stop these tyrannical clones sand save the day? Another plot revolves around Aye-Que's latest machine turning various penguins into robots. It no longer has Willy the Penguin as part of the main cast.

  • Episode 1: The Beginning Rampage pt.1 - Darktan was wondering of a new attack on Ford Car and Link, not knowing that they'd enlist Tails' help against him, he enlists Dr. Aye-Que to assist him and makes a machine called The Clone-O-Matic which clones any penguin. Darktan puts the feathers of all 3 heroes and clones 20 of each, all with different attributes. The episode ends with them maniacally laughing while the clones march out.

  • Episode 2: The Beginning Rampage pt. 2 - The clones go into Dorkugal and terrorize the population there. Ford Car and Link go and try to stop them, but are defeated (with Ditto) and captured and sent to Aye-Que, who puts them into his latest machine, the Mechanizer, that turns living organisms into robots. Tails hears of this and dashes off to rescue them. But can he get through the Tower of Aye-Que, where the machine is located?

  • Episode 3: The Beginning Rampage pt. 3 - Tails saves the two from the machine, but he himself is captured and subjected to the machine. Now Ford Car and Link have to deal with Mecha Tails AND the clones at the same time! Can they do it?

  • Episode 4: The Beginning Rampage pt. 4 - The duo manage to stun Mecha Tails long enough for G to make a machine that reverses the process. After restoring Tails, the trio manage to ward off the clones, and are hailed as heroes (again). However, the celebration is cut short by Darktan, who reveals he has mechanized half of Club Penguin's citizens, and has captured G, Rockhopper, Cadance, and Aunt Arctic, and will soon mechanize them. To make matters worse, he also reveals that he has the Clone-O-Matic running too, making even more clones. He then sucks up the Dorkugese to mechanize them. He then commands all the clones to attack the trio. The episode ends with the clones closing in on them.

  • Episode 5: As the Wrench Turns - The trio defeat most of the clones, but 3 of them escape. Meanwhile, Aye-Que makes his Land-Mechanizer, which can mechanize any piece of land. He uses this and the normal Mechanizer on Club Penguin, turning the icy isles into a mechanical, run-down wasteland. The trio try to invade the base of operations there, the Mechdome. They sneak in, but are soon discovered and placed in energy-cages, to be used as "organic batteries" for Aye-Que's elite bots. However, he leaves his wrench-controller (which controls the cages) near their prisons, but can they reach it? Meanwhile, the 3 remaining clones pass off as the real penguins, causing chaos.

  • Episode 6: BOMBZ - An april-fools joke episode. Morshu tries to bomb Link, while Ford Car keeps eating toasters.

  • Episode 7: Artificial is as good as Organic - Speeddasher is forced to rescue the trio. After doing so, the trio are confronted by angry penguins, who blame them for what the clones did. To make matters worse, Darktan has nearly mechanized all of the USA! Will they ever solve all these problems? (Guest Star- Speeddasher as himself.)

  • Episode 8: Explanations - The trio finally manage to explain what truly happened, but by that time, only the ground they are standing on is organic. The trio (along with everyone else there, and the land) are sucked up by Darktan, to be mechanized. The trio escape, and find themselves in the Aye-Que Maze, which is rigged to explode when the other penguins and the land are mechanized. Can they get out before that happens? Plus, the clones accidently fall into the machine, and, for some reason, disinigrate.

  • Episode 9: The Clone Finale - The trio make it out with barely any time to spare. However, everything else is now mecha, and they attack the trio. However, Link finds Aye-Que's controller, and makes them attack Darktan, who teleports away, and Aye-Que, who escapes in his IQ-Pod. They remember the machine G made, and use it, returning everything to normal.

Season 6[]

Season 6 of Ford Car and Link aired on Spring 2010. It focused on the Great Vortex Portal of the Evil Emperors and the final attack on Darktan.

  • Episode 1: Darktan's Realm - When G's teleporter sends Ford car and Link into the Darktonian realm the could not believe the trouble they were in. But when they hear about Vortex portal they start there adventure. As they draw closer to the vortex portal they find themselves in the most deadly place in Club Penguin... Darktan's Palace. They fight there way through the Darktonian guards until they are transported back to the USA. As soon as they getback they have a lot of questions for G.

  • Episode 2: Off to Freezeland Part 1 - G tells Ford Car and Link that he can't identify the vortex portal they saw in the Darktonian realm.He tells them that the King of Freezeland Triskelle should know as he has been to the Darktonian Realm.Ford car and Link set off from Eastshield to Freezeland the next day but it meant that they would have to face the remaining Clones of Darktan in The Happyface State. What will happen?

  • Episode 3: Off to Freezeland Part 2 - Ford Car and Link on the way to Freezeland arrive in the Happyface state knowing what they will find. The duo find a secret cave. They entered the cave only to find what they expected the remaing Darktonian Clones. They fight the Clones and defeat them. They find a chip in the back of the main clone and take the chip with them to show Triskelle. They arrive in Freezeland with a lot to tell the King Triskelle.

  • Episode 4: Questions for a King - Ford Car and Link arrive in the capital of Freezeland Frostborough. They enter the kings throne room to tell Triskelle the king about the vortex portal from the Darktonian Realm.Triskelle tells them that the Portal leads to the land of the Evil Emperors. The chip turned out to be a pizza discount card. Triskelle tells them to go back and fight Darktan in the Darktonian Realm and Trap him in the land of Evil Emperors.

  • Episode 5: Scientist in the Middle - Ford Car and Link set off back to Gary from Freezeland with important infomation on their objective the evil emperors vortex portal. They get back to South Pole City thinking that they were safe for the times being.They got back to EPF only to find a note from Gary the note told them that Gary had gone somewhere but where.Ford car and Link search the entire city of South Pole City. They finnaly find Gary outside South Pole City in a prison. Ford car and Link find out that Darktan trapped Gary in the prison so that Ford Car and Link couldn't find out about what the portal was but Darktan didn't know that Ford car and Link visited Triskelle. Ford Car and Link knew they were going to the Darktonian realm one last time.

  • Episode 6: Recruitment Time Part 1 - Ford Car and Link know that they can't face Darktan alone so they search the United States of Antartica for an army. First they find Tirskelle the king of Freezeland who Ford Car and Link previously encountered when they told Triskelle about the Vortex Portal of the Evil Emperors. Triskelle brings his 3 most trusted guards Dingy, Hothead and Floaty Flipper with him and Ford car and Link.At the end ofthe episode Ford Car, Link and Triskelle say they must next get Happyface to help them.

  • Episode 7: Recruitment Time Part 2 - Ford Car, Link and Triskelle arrive in Happface's palace they tell him about the Vortex Portal and the remaining clones from Darktan's Clone Army in a cave north of the state. With all the help that Ford Car and Link need there ready to strike Darktan.

  • Episode 8: Adventures in the Realm - Ford Car, Link, Triskelle, Happyface, Dancing Penguin, Willy and G venture off to the Darktonian Realm, but when they get there, they are captured by Doom Knights. They escape with the help of Triskelle. They eventually reach the Darktonian Mansion. The episode ends with them just outside the front porch, while Herbert Horror hides nearby.

  • Episode 9: Darktonian Surprises - Herbert Horror ambushes the group and nearly feeds them all Doom Weeds, but they escape. They finally confront Darktan inside the mansion, where an epic battle scene erupts. After a good while, the seven emerge victorious while Darktan teleports off, marking his last appearence as a main character.

Season 7[]

  • Episode 1: Search Party Part 1 - After returning from the Darktonian Realm, Ford Car and Link set off to find King Triskelle who mysteriously dissapeared just after the defeat of Darktan. The characters find their way to Freezeland only to find that Triskelle has been reported missing by the Kings court. Worried about the location of Triskelle, Ford Car and Link assemble a Search Party to find Triskelle.
  • Episode 2: Search Party Part 2 - Ford Car, Link, Gary, Dancing Penguin and Mayor Mclfapp set off to find Triskelle. After searching through all of Freezeland, the party find a note left under a bench near Triskelle's statue in Frostborough suggesting that Triskelle is in New North Etana. After travelling to Etana, they uncover a dark secret that Triskelle was possessed by Darktan before he was defeated and plans to conquer all of Antarctica. After a standoff with Triskelle in his lair, the group if forced to leave when Triskelle's heavily armed guards appear.
  • Episode 3: Send in the Rookie - Ford Car, Link and the team return to the EPF headquarters where they meet a rookie named Sparky, who is training in Field Ops. Gary suggests that it perhaps Sparky should help as his first mission. The group agrees and start devising a plan. The Director suddenly contacts the group and tells them that Triskelle's troops are being sent by boat to the Happyface State and must be stopped. Sparky and Link go and fight troops, swiftly defeating them while Ford Car, G and Dancing Penguin decide to build SpyBots to plant in Triskelle's Lair.
  • Episode 4: Memories of Ford Car -
  • Episode 5: We're breaking in! -
  • Episode 6: Not guilty -
  • Episode 7: Unbelievable -
  • Episode 8: It's super cool that way -
  • Episode 9: Doesn't look easy -
  • Episode 10: Sometimes -
  • Episode 11: Rage of fury -
  • Episode 12: Justice -
  • Episode 13: Not really that bad -
  • Episode 14: The search -
  • Episode 15: Coming Home -

Season Collections and DVDS[]

Season collections include all the episodes from that certain Season and also have cool bonus features.

Season 1 Complete Collection: Features all the episodes from Season 1, with a behind the scenes look, interviews with the creators and actors, plus a Furry Flats music video.

Season 2 Complete Collection: All episodes from Season 2, along with storyboards of half of the episodes, plus some bumpers (those things before and after commercial breaks on TV) from the show.

Seaspn 3 Complete Collection: All episodes from Season 3, plus a look at the effects, a sneak peek of Season 4, extra scenes (in the episodes) not on TV, an extra episode NOT on TV, and a short (not real) episode on how to make your own show! (That's a lot!)

Season 4 Volume 1: The first five episodes of Season 4 with the making of "It always happens to us".

Season 4 Volume 2: All other episodes of Season 4, plus a preview of the spinoff, and storyboards for all the episodes.

Season 5 Complete Collection: All episodes from Season 5, plus some games, a trailer for Penguin Kart 2, and commentary by the actors.


Ford Car and Link has recieived mostly positive reviews. A rating company by the name of Rotten Fish gave Ford Car and Link a 95% rating, saying that with was almost as exciting as it was funny.

Fred's students gave the show a rating of 89.3% saying that it covers the history of villians in the USA very well.

Penghis Khan rated the show 1,000%! He said he absolutley loved the episode "Pengolia's Deadliest" as it showed his Imperial PWNAGE!

Triskelle rated it 10/10. He said it always brings out his chickish side in him, except they didnt have TV when he was a chick.

Alex12345a rated it 9.5/10.

MAI magazines rated ranging from 9/10 to 10/10 and the most extreme cases, 10.1/10.

However not all reviews were positive. Lobelia Sackville said that this series was horrible. She claimed that the animation, and voice acting were horrible. However no one really cares about what she thinks, and it's popularity didn't lower very much at all.


Death of Ford Car[]

After the death of Ford Car, the show has been searching for someone. Devin203040506070puffle00XD was the chosen penguin.

Following August 16th, the following programmes were aired in place of Ford Car and Link timeslots.

  • On August 17th, Ford Car's actual funeral was shown on television. It was shown as 'Ford Car's Funeral' in channel guides. All channels carried this.
  • Regular programming of Ford Car and Link aired between August 18th to September 11th.
  • On September 12th, the beginning of 'Ford Car Television Memory' week, programming other than Ford Car and Link aired, although these programs featured Ford Car, or at the least, made references to Ford Car.
  • On September 13th, the pilot episode of Ford Car and Link aired across all channels, along with the season seven finale in the second timeslot. Channels with three timeslots or more of Ford Car and Link air the season seven finale once more.
  • On September 14th, Ford Car's actual funeral showed once again.
  • On September 15th, a speech by Mayor McFlapp was aired on television replacing Ford Car and Link timeslots. Mayor McFlapp discussed on how Ford Car contributed to society.
    • Penguin TV took the extra mile by airing no programmmes for the whole day, in memory of Ford Car.
  • On September 16th, the documentary that aired on August 15th aired once again on all channels across Antarctica.
  • On September 17th, the end of 'Ford Car Television Memory' week, a special episode of Ford Car and Link that was never aired before was, well, aired. Ford Car does not make an appearance in the show, and although it uses the Ford Car and Link intro and outro, it is actually a speech regarding the life of Ford Car and the death.
  • On September 18th, most international channels and some USA channels started regular programming once again. Those channels which did not aired a repeat of the memorial.
  • On September 19th, ABC started airing its regular programming once again. All other international channels followed suit. Channels which did not start regular programming again aired a repeat of the speech on September 17th.
  • On September 20th, PPBN started airing regular programming. Other channels aired a repeat of Ford Car's actual funeral.
  • On September 21st, CPTV started airing regular programming.
  • On September 22nd, ABC aired a repeat of the documentary of Ford Car. Penguin TV aired Ford Car's actual funeral again.

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