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Ford Car's Funeral
Ford Car's Funeral image
R.I.P Ford Car
Vital statistics
Participants Everyone who attended
Date July 16, 2010
Location TBD

Ford Car's Funeral happened the day after Ford Car died. It was a very sad day.

The event[]

Bells ring, Penguins start coming and bringing flowers, penguins crying, and Dancing Penguin cries. Everyone shows up and silence starts.

"We are here today to say goodbye to beloved PSA agent, Ford Car." says P.O.P.E He then continues, "Ford Car has brought excitement, happiness, and has saved Club Penguin Island many times and will dearly be missed, anyone who wants to make a speech, please come up here."

"I will make a speech!" says Dancing Penguin. He continues "Ford Car is my brother, I will miss him dearly! And he died before my brithday party started! I cried and cried after he died so I will never forget him!"

G then comes up to make a speech. "Ford Car has helped us PSA agents more than you can expect, we should have never caught Link without Ford Car. Ford Car will dearly be missed."

Johnathan Wolfhunter and Austin8010 then approach. They're both crying. Both of them can be heard whispering to themselves "be a man". Austin and Johnathan made a speech together and spoke at the same time.

"We once worked with Ford Car. He was great company, both in friendship and as an agent. We will all miss him".

Flywish then comes up to the stand very upset.

"Ford Car was a great PSA agent and a great penguin. He died so he could save his brother. So he should be rewarded and praised for the fine work he's done with Club Penguin. Without Ford Car, Link would never be caught and the EPF/PSA would never be what it is today." Flywish walked back to his seat with tears staining his ninja mask.

An agent stepped forward. No one recognised, although he had a badge that read Top Agent F. Chevrolet and he also had an AIA badge.

"I never worked him although he said hi to me. He was a great agent and was able to bring justice across Antarctica. We all miss him". to be continued


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