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Ford Car
Ford Car
Ford Car on October 2008
Vital statistics
Title Ford Car
Gender Male
Race Ford Penguin
Faction PSA
Health Deceased
Level N/A
Status Former CP Wiki editor, PSA Agent and Club Penguin City president
Location Club Penguin City

Ford Car (October 16 1988 - July 15 2010) was the older brother of Dancing Penguin and usually took care of him. He was G's Top Agent, but for some reason he didn't want to investigate Link. He had five puffles (green, black, yellow, pink and purple). He started Project Link. After concluding the project, he became the president of Club Penguin City. He died on July 15 2010.


Ford Car always loved adventures and new challenges. He's an agent, politician, musician, actor, inventor, you name it!

Early life[]

Ford Car and his younger brother, Dancing Penguin are were Ford penguins, but not evil. No one knows where they were born or who were their parents. They grew up in the streets of Club Penguin Island, and they "lived" in the Night Club because it was always open.

Ford Car started working in the Coffee Shop as a waitor still very young. One day, he saved enough money to buy a simple, nonmember igloo for him and his brother. They still live there.

As a PSA agent[]

Ford Car was G's top agent, and completed all the missions. He also captured Link, one of the most wanted criminals ever in CP. Later, he joined one of the PSA top secret branches: The Time Agency.

Versus Darktan[]

"Ford Car VS. Darktan" was a lawsuit that ocurred on the GourdZoid Council Hall. In it, Ford Car sues Darktan for being "just a copy of the criminal Link". Ford Car had captured Link 1 month before this.

In the Pizza band[]

Ford Car was a guitarist in the Pizza band. According to a 2006 vote, boys like him more than Jason Steed by 1%.

As president of CP City[]

On January 1st, 2009, Ford Car became the president of Club Penguin City. He did a great job until his death.

As a voice actor[]

Ford Car played himself in the animated sitcom Ford Car and Link. He became famous thanks that role.


Ford Car has gone missing once. The Time Agency reported that he'd been kidnapped from time. Yes from time. He was stuck in darkness. A investgation was started Project Fordy. He came back.

His death[]

Ford Car died while diving in the Club Penguin Cave.

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