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For Great Justice
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The clock ticks slowly on....
Vital statistics
Participants Wikia Universe Network
Date March 30th 2009--August 8, 2020
Location Antarctica, Wikia

The For Great Justice Saga lasted 10 years and is remembered as the greatest struggle of evil in Antarctican history. The Holy Wikia was involved later. It also centers on the life, death and legacy of one individual.

The Events[]

The Saga consists of six events:

This started when Darktan confronted the Good Guys at PBJT Valley. Little did he know that Nightmare was watching....

Nightmare and his X-creature army joined forces with Darktan's Army to create a new Antarctica and fight the Good Guys.

A website,, began selling superpowers to penguins online. Mayor McFlapp and the rest of the Masters went to put a stop to it, and sent a team of penguins to confront the ones with superpowers.
Nightmare and his army try to destroy Antarctica. However, he had no idea that his plan would come to a fatal end...

Darktan II plans to take over Antarctica after so many failures. However, he is missing the four Spirits of Light and the CoreForce, and it's up to the Good Guys to defeat him.

The last remnants of super penguins from the Power4U Affair and anti-bodies from the Nightmare Epic scattered themselves across the Holy Wikia, and the Masters dispatched creatures to each universe, each with a mission: find, defeat and capture the rogue super penguins and antibodies. Meanwhile, Kwiksilver's insane alternate self, styling himself as Virus, decided to destroy the entire Holy Wikia for no apparent reason, and an old villian makes a stand once again with a new body and new minions.


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