Club Penguin Fan Universe

Flywish is back to take care of business with DTA. It is a sequel to Murphy: Flywish dies... sort of

Chapter One[]

In which Flywish rounds up his Army and goes to fight Darktan's Army to get his son back

Chapter Two[]

In which Flywish's Army get captured by Darktan's Army.

Chapter Three[]

In which Xorai gets ready to destroy DTA

Chapter Five[]

In which the captured Army meet Xorai and Xorai agrees to help them retrieve Flywish II and defeat Darktan

Chapter Six[]

In which Xorai asks to join DTA to gain trust/espionage

Chapter Seven[]

In which Flywish's army learns the whereabouts of Flywish's son

Chapter Eight[]

In which Xorai finally breaks out and turns on Willie Watt, blowing his cover

Chapter Nine[]

In which Xorai frees Flywish II and Flywish's Army and they all get back to Xorai's Base

Chapter Ten[]

In which Xorai askes to rejoin Flywish's Army but Flywish's Army try to beat him up because Xorai is a bad guy and they blamed him for failing to take over The base, yet they leave because they were getting overheated.