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Me as Superhero.PNG
Flystar55555, one of the only superpowered penguins in the USA
Vital statistics
Title Fly Star 55555 "Flystar"
Gender Male
Race Megadyptes waitaha (Waitaha Penguin)
Faction Troublesome Trio Honorary Member, Penguin Academy graduate, PSA Agent, South Pole Council Representative, King of Flystonia
Health Excellent
Level 200
Status Superhero
Location Flystonia
Death date Not yet
Died at Not yet
Cause of death Not yet
Occupation His palace in Flystonia
Salary Around 13 million ATG a week
Height (estimate) 3'9"
Eye color Brown/black
Feather color Dark black
Fur color No fur
Hair color Golden brown
Nationality Flystonia
Country of residence Flystonia
Primary residence 44,000 sq ft estate in Flystar City, Flystonia
Childhood home Small cottage in Senster City, Senstaria
Vacation homes Large beach house in every state and country in Antarctica
Other land/estates Unknown
Catchphrase Let's get this show on the road!
Hobbies Kicking the booty of evil creatures
Interests Showing off his skills, scaring kids (halloween only), defeating bad guys, etc.
Strengths {{{strengths}}}
Weaknesses His own powers turned against him
Powers See below
Skills/abilities See below
Mother Flygirl55553
Father Flystar55554
Allergic to None
Favorite color Red, yellow, and black
Fears None, really
Criminal record Destruction of the South Pole Council
Jail time accumulated None
Community service time'' None
Times arrested None
Times sued None
Net worth 24 billionATG
Friends His good citizens, Evilface, his "crushes", his puffles, etc.
Enemies Any Evil X-Antibody, Mabel, Darktan and his army, etc.
Member of Lots
Political beliefs Unknown
Alma mater Star University
Archetype Unknown
Online username Either his name or another secret account
Military allegience Star Force
Military rank General
Medals/decorations recieved Unknown
Years served Still serving
Weapon of choice His powers
Signature Not yet uploaded


King of Flystonia
Flystar King.PNG
CoronationJanuary 4, 2009
Full nameFly Star 55555 "Flystar"
TitlesKing of Flystonia
BornApril 2, 1996
BirthplaceSouth Pole City
DiedHas not deceased yet
Place of deathHas not deceased yet
BuriedHas not deceased yet
OffspringNone , YET!!!
Royal HouseThe Palace of Flystar55555
DynastySton Dynasty
Royal anthemShadow Guy and Gamma Gal music
Royal mottoLet's get this show on the road!

Flystar's Battle Theme

Flystar55555 is a superhero. He is also a king of a land.


Telekinesis (can control things with mind)

Ability to Fly

Pyrokinesis (can control fire with mind)

Super Strength

Super Speed


Invisible Tracker

Disappearing (NOT invisibility. This allows Flystar to create an orange box around an object. Then he claps through it, and the box and the object in it disappears!)

Ability to Clone Oneself (can reform as one as he desires)

Ability to Change Size

Ability to Control Time (can time travel, freeze time, speed time up, or make time go backwards. This, however, doesn't disrupt the space-time continium, he can just make it so that it LOOKS like that time)

More to come, wikiers...



In the year of 2017, day of November 16, at age 21, Flystar gets married. It is currently unknown who he is (going to be) married to, but the Time Agency is trying to figure out who it is. In the year of 2026, he gives up his position as ruler of Flystarland, due to being too busy, his heir taking his place. It is still unknown who ???? is, but the Time Agency is still trying to figure it out. In 2034, Flystar's wife dies, and he remarries a different, unknown wife. In 2051, Flystar's second wife died, and Flystar himself came down with a disease that slowly deteriorated his motor nervous system. In 2069, his disease gets worse. It was powerful enough to affect his whole body, so that made him bedridden for the rest of his life. The disease finally made him give out in 2086, dying at age 90, below average for a penguin with superpowers, but above average for a Waitaha Penguin. By the year of 2100, his legacy still continues. Since his death, the number of Waitaha Penguins increased twentyfold. To honor their great king, Flystarland had a 250-foot statue set on top the highest mountain in Flystarland, making it the highest monument anywhere. Penguins everywhere flocked to the statue to honor their friend.


Like Explorer, Flystar has modes. In all of his modes, he is completely aware that he has modes.

Normal Mode: The mode you will see him most in. Much like Sporty Mode.

Insane Mode: The mode that laughs the most and is the most insane. He has swirly eyes (red and green) and speaks very manaically.

Nerd Mode: The mode that is the smartest. He mainly speaks French, but he speaks just about any language. In this mode, he is even smarter than Nerdy and any of these penguins.

Sporty Mode: He is the best at sports. Much like Normal Mode, the only differences are that Normal Mode is smarter and Sporty Mode is sportier.

Manner Mode: The mode that most often appears at meals. He is the most mannered. He also has an air of British accent in his voice. He also likes to cook.

Evil Mode: Even Flystar has evil in him somewhere! He is much like Evilface, but he has the invisible tracking power. Very rare mode.

Confession Mode: The mode when Flystar's modes argue with each other. Since it's super rare, the arguement have had Normal Mode and Insane Mode, Insane Mode and Sporty Mode, and Manner Mode and Insane Mode. Super rare mode.

Mode Trivia

  • Somehow, most of his modes turn out the color blue.

Mode Gallery


  • Flystar is immune to all kinds of Ditto.
  • Flystar has a worst enemy.
  • Flystar is the only person who can hurt Winston.
  • Flystar is the only living of his kind. (along with Evilface)
  • Flystar is 14 years old.
  • Flystar is actually brothers with Evilface, Flystar being the older. They were long lost brothers, both of them not knowing they were brothers.
  • Flystar's I.Q. (intelligence quotient) is over 10,000; making him one of the smartest penguins in the USA.
  • Flystar is completely immune to pain, except for his own powers turned against him, such as Evilface when he was evil.
  • He is an unlockable character in Tails6000 and the Secret Rings
  • Flystar has a blue jewel on his chest, and Evilface has a red one.
  • When Flystar and Evilface combine, they form a behemoth that is almost unstoppable. (has been stopped by Luce (dark energy insulates power to be good), Darktan, and Darktan X)
  • As well as speaking English and Waitahian (without Nerd Mode), he can speak hex code. Here is one of his common sayings: 546869732069732068657820636F64652100. Translation: This is hex code!
  • It is rumored that Flystar likes Luce, but he has declined this by saying, "I DO NOT LIKE LUCE! Luce is gonna KILL me for saying that!". It is ALSO rumored that he likes Hat Pop, but he has declined this ALSO by saying, "I DON'T LIKE HAT POP! Man, I gotta stop liking multiple girls at the same time! Heh heh!
  • Flystar has an icePhone that he took apart, put Spy Phone and EPF Phone parts in, and added his own touches, and the result was a handheld supercomputer with a teleporter across the world, 64G network, 1TB storage memory, waterproof, fireproof, bulletproof, and a surface durable enough to suppress a 25 ton weight (not metric ton, US standard ton). Peach Inc. asked Flystar if they could start manufacturing this type of phone, but Flystar said, "No, i'm sorry, but I can make one that's 1 quarter the power of my phone!"


Quote 1

  • Flystar finds Mabel alone on the street

Flystar (to Mabel): Hello, fellow creature!

Mabel: Who in the what are you?

Flystar: I'm Flystar!

Mabel: I don't really care who you are, but your going down!

Flystar: Oh yeah! Take this! (Flystar lifts a giant screen TV, floating it above Mabel. Flystar drops it on Mabel)

Mabel: Get this TV off of me you doofus!

Flystar: Just shush! (Flystar gets a roll of duct tape, putting a strap of it on Mabel's mouth)

Mabel: Hmmp! Hmmmmp! HMMMMMMP!

Quote 2

Winston: Hello! Your a cute little guy! (Winston picks Flystar up, squeezing Flystar to death)

Flystar: Get off of me you big squeezing moron! (Flystar fires a fireball at Winston's legs, causing him to drop Flystar)

Winston: Owweee!

Flystar: And THAT'S how the Flystar does it!

Quote 3

Flystar: Greetings, little creature!

Penghis Khan: Who are you?

Flystar: I'm Flystar, a superhero!

Penghis Khan: Penghis Khan will smack you with a fish!

Flystar: I warn you... (Penghis Khan pulls out his fish. When it about hits Flystar, Flystar grabs it and pulls it out of Penghis Khans grip)

Penghis Khan: Give Penghis Khan the fish back!

Flystar: No! Now my little payment... (Flystar swings the fish at Penghis Khan. Penghis Khan gets smacked by the fish and is blown away several feet)

Penghis Khan: Ugh! Penghis Khan get fish back! Penghis Khan will!

Flystar: Ok, you'll get your fish back, but one thing must be added! (Flystar burns the fish with a fireball)

Penghis Khan: Thank you! Now Penghis Khan will smack other penguins with fish!

Quote 4

  • Flystar finds Mabel in the middle of nowhere

Flystar: Hey! I remember you!


Flystar: I know that. Did YOU know that 7@8=113, as the @ symbol means to square each number and add them together?

Mabel: Uh oh, I understood that! Am I turning to a nerd?

Flystar: I believe so! (Winston walks over to Mabel out of nowhere)

Winston: AAAW!! My favorite purple puffle with glasses is getting smarter! (Winston vice grip hugs Mabel)

Mabel: Oh, let me down you blabbering #^$&i#&^$*#&^%$@@@!~@#$%^&*^%#@^#@%$w@^%$@w%$q^%###@@!!~!@!@$^*((^$@!~~%&^%@#$%&^*$#$^&(*&&*(*&^%$####!!#$&*/*+$#@#$%^#@!!#$%(*&

Flystar: Where in the what did Winston come from?

Winston: AAAW!! It looks like YOU need a hug too! (Winston vice grip hugs both of them as hard as he can)

Flystar: Gotta get out of his grasp!!! (Flystar fires a fireball at Winston. It misses.)

Mabel: Give it another try!! (Flystar fires 10 fireballs at Winston. They all miss.)


Winston: AAAW!! That's so cute! (Flystar fires up in rage. He crosses his arms across his chest. Then he crosses his arms off his chest. This causes a shockwave to fire and Winston letting go of Flystar and Mabel)

Mabel: You aren't so bad, for a blabbering doofus.

Flystar: Well, you will have me as a worst enemy when I do this! (Flystar repeats what he did to get out of Winston grasp, but this time, it sends Mabel flying)

Quote 5

Ray: Hey, gimme some Coke.

Flystar: For one thing, I don't have Coke, and if I did, I WOULD NEVER GIVE YOU ANY!!!


Flystar: Well, I can burn you to a crisp, but that wouldn't be right. (burning in rage) BUT I WANT TO!!!

Ray: <gulp>

Flystar: Yeah! THAT'S RIGHT!!! BE AFRAID!!! (Ray runs away from Flystar. Flystar goes chasing him with fireballs)

Ray: You can never catch me!

Flystar: But then, you wouldn't know where I am! (Flystar turns invisible)

Ray: What the... AAAAHHHH!!!! (Ray runs into a nearby alleyway) Phew! I lost him! (Flystar touches Ray on the... wait, do puffles have a HEAD?)

Flystar: Boo.

Ray: AAAAH!!!!!! (Ray runs away)

Quote 6

Flystar: We meet again, Penghis Khan! I'll take that! (Flystar takes the amulet from Penghis Khan)

Penghis Khan: Give Penghis Khan shiny gem thing! GIVE IT BACK!!!

Flystar: Never! Well, as I said to Ray Kodo, I can burn you to a crisp! Or, I could banish you from my land forever!

Penghis Khan: Penghis Khan smack you with BIGGER fish!! (Instead of pulling out a mullet, Penghis Khan pulls out a SHARK)

Flystar: Try me!

Penghis Khan: Grrr!! (Penghis Khan swings the shark at Flystar. Flystar jumps and climbs on the shark)

Flystar: How 'bout a little more WEIGHT?!?! (Penghis Khan drops the shark and Flystar because of the massive weight)


Flystar: Cue ban Penghis Khan! (Penghis Khan dissappears to Ban Island) Now I got this amulet to myself! (Flystar puts the string around his flipper. He swings the amulet)

Winston: NNNNIIIINNNNJJJJAAAA HHHHUUUUGGGG!!!!!!!!!! (Winston squeezes Flystar)

Flystar: When did Winston weasel into this short story? Cue ban Winston! (Winston dissappears to Ban Island)

Quote 7

  • Flystar sneaks up on Mabel

Mabel: Ahhh! What a wonderful day! The sun is shining! (Flystar sneaks behind Mabel and touches her)


Mabel: Whoa!!!! Where did you come from? And EAT PUFFLE HAIR, SQUIRT!!

Flystar: Anything but 'puffle hair! Anything!

Mabel: Yeah, squirt! (Flystar pulls out a boulder twice the size of a shark)

Flystar: Would you like ME to squish YOU with this BOULDER?!?! (Flystar turns to Insane Mode and drops the boulder on Mabel)

Mabel: Why are you all swirly eyed?

Flystar: MWUH4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4!!! W0ULD Y0UZ L1K3Z T0 34T N4PK1NZ!!!!! 34T D3 F33SH, M4B3L!!!! (Flystar pulls out a shark)

Mabel: There is NO way I am eating THAT thing!!!

Flystar: 34T D3 F33SH!!! (Flystar shoves the shark in Mabel's mouth)

Mabel: HMM DMM NMM WMMM TMMM MMMM THMMMM FMMMM (I do NOT want to eat this fish)!!! (Flystar turns to Manner Mode)

Flystar: That is not a language I want you to speak. And GET that FISH OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!!! (Mabel spits the shark out)

Mabel: I think I know who is weaseling into this story... (Flystar turns to Smart Mode)

Flystar: Who?

Mabel: Win... (Winston shows up and hugs Mabel) STOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!

Flystar: How did he get off of Ban Island? Aw well, better let him hug Mabel again!

Winston: YOU will get a hug too! (Winston hugs Flystar)

Flystar: Stop hugging me!! But I have a special surprise back...

Winston: Ok! (Winston drops Flystar)

Flystar: Here is the little payment. (Flystar hugs him back)

Winston: Are you my FRIEND now?

Flystar: I will NEVER be your friend!

Winston: Ok! (Winston walks away, sqeezing Mabel to death)

Flystar: Ahhh! Well, that's the end of it!

Penghis Khan: I PWN you! (Penghis Khan smacks Flystar in the head with his shark, knocking him out)

Quote 8

Flystar: Hälsningar, Explorer.

Explorer: Greetings, creature with no life.

Flystar: Какво не е наред с теб?

Explorer: What? (Explorer walks away. He comes back in Nerd Mode) Niets, Flystar. Niets.

Flystar: Ok, a następnie. Czy chcesz prank ktoś?

Explorer: Ne, Snažím sa blázna vás jazykov.

Flystar: Ar ne kvailas mane. Try this one!

Explorer: Ви не можете обдурити мене, як. Що це за мова?

Flystar: То би било украјински. Ок, омогућава заустављање нашу борбу језика у аукцији!

Explorer: Ok da. (Explorer walks away. He comes back in Wacko Mode) Sure lets prank someone!

Flystar: Avez-vous de changer de mode Normal! (Flystar turns to Normal Mode)

Explorer: Now lets prank! (The duo walk away to prank a few penguins)

Quote 9

  • Flystar is arguing with Beasty, his puffle

Flystar: Beasty, why did I EVER buy you in the first place?!

Beasty: Because you wanted a puffle, you idiot!

Flystar: Burn Beasty to a crisp in 10, 9...


Flystar: So, what did you do yesterday?

Beasty: Ok, here it goes. (Flashback cues)

Mabel (flashback): (Mabel has a huge jet pack. She charges at Beasty) I will get you!!!!!!

Beasty (flashback): AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! (Flashback ends)

Flystar: I don't remember THAT happening yesterday! (The room shakes)

Beasty: What was that?

Flystar: Oh, I invited a friend over!

Beasty: Is it Mabel!!! I'M COMING, MABEL!!!!! (Beasty opens the door to find Mabel with a huge jet pack)

Mabel: (Mabel charges at Beasty) I will get you!!!!!!!

Beasty: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flystar: Sigh. It works like Metalmanager says! Mwuhahahahahahaha!

Quote 10

  • Flystar has sued Mabel. They are both in court.

Judge Xavier: So, ya sue this puffle, Mabel, for what reason?

Flystar: For being pompous and mean and everything that is not good!

Everyone: Yeah!

Mabel: What have I done wrong?

Flystar: Don't play fool on me Mabel! You KNOW you did some things. And I mean a lot of things!

Everyone: Yeah!

Judge Xavier: Strap Mabel in her chair!

Flystar: Yes, sir! (Flystar straps Mabel to her chair)

Mabel: What are you going to do to me?

Judge Xavier: What should have been done a long time ago! (Judge Xavier shaves Mabel bald)

Mabel: AAAAAGGGHHHH! I look ABSOLUTELY terrible!

Flystar: You ALWAYS looked terrible!

Everyone: Yeah!

Flystar: Puffles! (Flystar whistles. All of his puffles come flying straight toward him) You guys get you-know-who's puffles here pronto! (The puffles nod and fly away)

Mabel: Who's puffles?

Flystar: The person you think is uglier than anyone that pops up on your page.

Mabel: <gulp> (Flystar's and Explorer's puffles come to Flystar)

Clyde: What are your orders, sir?

Flystar: GET HER!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Flystar points at Mabel. Mabel gulps and runs away, with everyone in the courtroom chasing after)

Quote 11

  • Flystar is relaxing at the Dojo Courtyard

Flystar: Ahhh, what a wonderful day, eh Sensei?

Sensei: Yes. Indeed. (A big, purple dinosaur walks over to Flystar)

Dinosaur: Hello, friend! My name is Barney! (Flystar switches to Nerd Mode)

Flystar: Hello, phreak. (Flystar switches back to Normal Mode)

Dinosaur: I will hug you forever! (Barney grows to twice the size of the Dojo)

Flystar: I bet his hugs are worse than Winston's hugs... (Flystar gets an idea) Hey, big guy! How about you follow me to my favorite person!

Dinosaur: Sure, friend! (Flystar takes the big, and I MEAN BIG, dinosaur to Winston)

Winston: Hi, friend! (Winston goes to hug Flystar. Flystar dodges)

Flystar: Hi, Winston! I have a special friend for you to meet! (The dinosaur walks to Flystar. Flystar smirks)

Dinosaur: Hello, friend!

Winston: Hello, friend! (The two start hugging each other)

Flystar: WHAT?!?! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!! (I mean the beat-up kind, not the death kind)

Winston: Were friends!


Dinosaur: Yes, were friends! (Flystar has a what-just-happened look on his face. Flystar faints)

(A few hours later, Flystar wakes up to find himself in the hospital)

Flystar: Wha-where am I?

Doctor: You are in the hospital. Your friends here (pointing at Winston and the dinosaur) told me that you fainted.

Flystar: What happened?

Doctor: The only injuries you had were that you had a little crack in your skull. (The doctor continues on for over 30 minutes talking about what happened. This continuing action made Flystar fall asleep after the first 5 minutes)... and THAT'S what happened. (Flystar wakes up)

Flystar: Whad ya say? (The actions of the last two lines continue for at least 12 hours)

Quote 12

  • Flystar, smirking, finds Mabel

Flystar: Hello, Mabel.

Mabel: Hello, phreak. Bet you can't guess MY full name!

Flystar: Mabel von Injoface I.

Mabel: WRONG! I am Mabel von Injoface XIX.

Flystar: EIGHTEEN OTHER MABELS?!?!? (Flystar smirks and goes somewhere. He comes back with an old piece of parchment) Guess what MY full name is!

Mabel: Flystar55555 I

Flystar55555: WRONG! Don't you know what the 55555 stands for?

Mabel: What?

Flystar: Find out yourself. (Flystar shows Mabel the piece of parchment)

Parchment text:
|                                  __                   __                           |
     |                        Flystar LVDLIV ----- Flygirl LVDLIII                        |
     |                                         |                                          |
     |                                         |                                          |
     |                               __        |             __                           |
     |                       Flystar LVDLV  -------  Flygirl LVDLIV                       |


Flystar: Yup, and if I have a child that's a boy, he will be a Flystar too! MWUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! (Mabel faints. Flystar continues maniacally laughing)

Quote 13

  • Flystar, in Nerd Mode, is substituting for Fred at Penguin Academy, and is teaching the kids about enzymes

Flystar: So, class, what are enzymes?

Class: Biomolecules that catalyze chemical reactions!

Flystar: That is correct, students. Now, who wants to talk about the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture? (The students gasp in horror, as if they remember something horrible)

Student 1: Do you REALIZE what that IS?!?

Flystar: Yes I do. It is the... (He is interrupted by the students)

Class: Don't SAY it!

Flystar: Well, then, I was hoping for some answers! (The class gaspes) But who cares! The homework is Page 311 in your Science books, about enzymes and catalyzation, and biomolecules, and all the other scientifical terms I know. (Fred bursts through the door)

Fred: I'm back! Did everyone enjoy Flystar today?

Flystar: Let's hope so. (Flystar exits. The class shakes their heads. Fred looks at the chalkboard)

Fred: What is this?!? (Fred reads the chalkboard) He assigned you next months homework! He is SO dead when I find him! But he taught you about enzymes, right?

Class: Yes!

Fred: Well then, let's continue on! (Fred goes on about scientifical and mathematical stuff. One student raises their hand) Yes?

Student 2: Flystar mentioned the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture! (Fred gasps, then growls)

Fred: He is SO out of substituting THIS class! (Fred rushes out the door. The students continue working)

Quote 14

I actually wrote this on Halloween, so consider this a thank you to the fans of my articles.

  • On Halloween night, Flystar isn't where you expect him...

Young Penguins: I wonder what kind of treats Flystar will give us. (They knock on the door, and the door creaks open by itself) Flystar? Are you home? Are you trick-or-treating?

Flystar (invisible): I'm tricking.

Young Penguins: AAAH! Who was that? (Flystar reappears)

Flystar: It's me, kids! (The kids scream in joy and hug Flystar. He blushes.) Oh thank you for the joy and love kids.

Kids: But also, you need to be taught a lesson. (The kids start punching their hands)

Flystar: Uh, kids, what are you doing?

Kids: What we should of done when you scared us. (They go up to Flystar and slap him silly)

Flystar: Mommy, where's my Halloween bag? (Flystar falls over. The kids steal all the candy in his candy bowl and share it equally)

Kids: Come on, let's run, before he wakes up! (The kids run away)

That night...

Flystar: Uh, what happened? Oh, yeah. YOU BETTER COME BACK! (We go back to the kids in their home, playing video games)

Kid 1: Did you hear something?

Kid 2: Nope. (We go back to Flystar...)

Flystar: KIDS!!!!!!! (Flystar sees the candy bowl empty) Oh, those kids will be DEAD next Halloween!

Quote 15

This was actually written a week before Valentine's, so consider this a thank you to my fans! THANK YOU FANS FOR SUPPORTING! And donate to Haiti, too!

  • Flystar is walking around his land and notices Luce, just ONE of his true loves

Flystar: Hello, Luce!

Luce: Uh, hi Flystar.

Flystar: What are you doing here? Don't you live in Freezeland?

Luce: Yeah, but I just came over here for a nice, relaxing vacation.

Flystar: That's right! Flystarland is notable for it's nice climate average of -10 degrees Farenheit!

Luce: I heard the rumors.

Flystar: WHAT?!? (whispering in her ear) How'd you know that I like you?

Luce: You do? (blushes) That wasn't the rumor I was talking about. I was talking about the one that you have a stuffed Gamma Gal collection.

Flystar: That is not true! Don't believe those rumor spreaders. Although me liking you is true. (Hat Pop walks over to the group)

Hat Pop: I thought you liked me!

Flystar: I do! (Both girls redden up with rage. Flystar is worried) What's the matter?

Hat Pop and Luce: You like both of us?!? You shouldn't! Only one of us is fit for you! And that's me!

Luce: You? It should be me!

Hat Pop: No! It's me!

Luce: Me!

Hat Pop: Me!

Hat Pop and Luce: ME!!!!! (This continues on for several minutes, until Flystar breaks them up)

Flystar: Whoa, WHOA! Settle down! I can like both of you, and you both can like me. I'll double date! One night, i'll go out with one of you, and the other night, i'll go out with the other! How's that sound?

Luce: Sounds good to me!

Hat Pop: Yeah, that's good for me too. But who goes out with you first...

Flystar: Here we go again.

Hat Pop and Luce: Me! No, me! Me! Uuuggh! Let him decide.

Flystar: Since I encountered her first, I will go out with Luce tonight, and Hat Pop next Tuesday.

Hat Pop and Luce: Ok!

Flystar: And that's how you solve girls. (Hearing this, the girls get mad and stomp toward him)

Quote 16

Flystar: Hello, Nevel Paperguy.

Nevel: Hello.

Nevel: I happen to have a CAT-scan of my brain. You want to see it?

Flystar: Yeah! Good! Very impressive.

Nevel: Yes it is.

Flystar: It's impressive that you can even THINK with this brain.

Nevel: What?

Flystar: Yeah, you heard me, stupid ego-penguin!

Nevel: Ha ha. Very funny. Unlike me, your ego could fill the Centriepistula.

Flystar: Hypocrite! I've heard better insults from a biomolecule!

Nevel: Hypocracy? Why I'd never!

(Flystar finds Nevel's tech lair)

Flystar: You call this technical?!? I've seen better tech in native Eastshield!

Nevel: Don't you dare insult my technology!

Flystar: You're right! No one should insult it, if it was Dorkugal's!

Nevel: I happen to have hacked your website with that tech.

Flystar: Yeah, my decoy website!

Nevel: This is taking forever! Get out of my house!

Flystar: Who says I have to?

Nevel: That's IT! GUARDS, GUARDS! Get him!

(Several large penguins who are loyal to Nevel's papacy claims rush in and attack)

Flystar: Take THIS! (Flystar sets his arms on fire and crosses them against his chest. He uncrosses them with mighty force, sending the fire on his flippers at the gaurds. The guards are blown away and singed.)

Nevel: GAURDS! Quickly, get this penguin!

(More loyal guards arrive.)

Flystar: Ha! You forgot something! Evilface! (Evilface goes to Flystar)

Evilface: Yes, brother?

Flystar: Let's do it.


Flystar: It's for our own good.

Evilface: Ok, let's do it! (Flystar and Evilface join hands)

Flystar and Evilface: REWOP ETAMITLU! (Flystar and Evilface are surrounded by pure energy. The guards are knocked across the room. Nevel falls over.)

Nevel: What's happening?! (Flystar and Evilface get washed away by their own energy. A one hundred foot tall, black surrounded by yellow-orange energy beast appears, breaking the roof.)

Star Beast: ULTIMATE POWER SURGES THROUGH THE POWER OF THE STAR BEAST!!! ALL IN THE STAR BEASTS WAY WILL BE DESTROYED!!! (The Star Beast grows to 500 feet tall and steps out of Nevel's house, making sure not to step on important Governance structures)


Star Beast: STAR BEAST DESTROY YOU!!!! (The Star Beast picks Nevel up and throws him to Mayor McFlapp, who is not very happy about Nevel crashing near the Organ)

Nevel: Hehehe, hi, Mayor McFlapp! I can explain.

McFlapp: Just flabbing explain, wot!

Nevel: The Star Beast!

McFlapp: Oh-no-he-didn't!

Nevel: Yes, he did!

McFlapp: He is so bally dead! (Mayor McFlapp plays the organ ordering that The Star Beast runs out of energy. Flystar and Evilface return to their normal forms and begin free-falling to the ground.)

Flystar: Uh-oh, did we do this?!?

Evilface: I think we did.

(They painfully hit the ground.)

Flystar: Let's get out of here before Nevel finds us!

(Flystar and Evilface fly as fast as they can to Flystar's palace)

Quote 17

  • Flystar finds Firehunter surrounded by female puffles

Flystar: Wow, so that's Firehunter. He is kind of cute, in a girl's perspective.

Firehunter: Hello, do I know you?

Flystar: Well, you should, considering I am the king of the country with the best weather. Tourists love it.

Firehunter: Oh yeah, your that Flystar guy. You are considered the richest penguin in Flystonia!

Flystar: My riches take up 95% of the money there. I happen to have around 24 billion fish, or in my land, ATG.

Firehunter: I earned my 57 million fish through inheritage and stock market. You?

Flystar: Inheritage and succession of the throne. So do you want to see my super powers in action?

Firehunter: I'd love to. (Flystar flies in the air and make a ring of fire around Firehunter. Flystar lands and puts out the fire)

Flystar: Cool, huh?

Firehunter: Impressive. I can do something similar. (Firehunter sets himself on fire. The fire dies down as Flystar looks in awe)

Flystar: Wow. I didn't know that orange puffles could do that. And yet I never knew an orange puffle without buck teeth.

Firehunter: I heard you are related to Sensei. Is this true?

Flystar: Yes it is. My great-grandfather, Senster, married my great-grandmother, and since he was related to Sensei, I am too.

Firehunter: Senster?!? He's my idol! I worship him!

Flystar: Wow, I wasn't expecting that. (Emily von Injoface scoots over to Firehunter. Firehunter drools while looking at her)

Emily: Yellow cape and that suit? SO out of fashion!

Flystar: Ha! Those glasses and lipstick make you look like a fugitive from the 1970s!

Emily: If you would like to know, these fashions are the latest trends!

Flystar: TRENDS?!? I've seen better clothing from Fluffyzoid!

Emily: What are you TALKING about? Dark black? What are you, the old ninja who eats yellow snow? EWWWWWWW! (Flystar shoots a fireball at Emily. When the fire is put out, her glasses and lipstick turned black and disentigrated. Emily, clearly unhappy about this, scoots off to the fashion shop to buy some more)

Flystar: I didn't know it was that EASY!

Firehunter: WAIT, Emily! Come back! (Firehunter cries because Emily left him)

Flystar: What's the matter, dude?

Firehunter: YOU!!! (A raged Firehunter ignites himself and tackles Flystar. Flystar pushes him off and puts Firehunters ignited body out)

Flystar: Man, you have to be careful when attacking me! I have more power than you could ever have!

Firehunter: You're right. I have to be careful. I don't want my rage to go overboard, or else, well, bad things happen.

Flystar: I don't like the Von Injoface Family that much, but whatever you think.

Firehunter: I don't either, I just like Emily, which I will run after right now. (Firehunter runs away in search of Emily, continualy shouting, "Emily! EMILY? Come back!")

Flystar: He likes Emily? GROSS!

Quote 18

  • Flystar is with a friend of his. They are whispering things to each other in hex code. A random penguin walks by

Random Penguin: Hello. I happen to hear you talking, and it doesn't sound like real language to me.

Flystar: 5768617420646F20796F752077616E742C20737472616E67657200? Oh, sorry, I was talking to my friend in 48657820636F646500.

Random Penguin: In what?

Friend: Hex code, he meant to say. Look it up on the Internet.

Random Penguin: Oh, alright then. (The penguins walks off)

Flystar: 417320492077617320736179696E672C20667269656E642C204920776173206F6E207468697320636C6966662C20616E64207468656E20736F6D656F6E6520707573686564206D65206F666600. 4920776173206E6F74206861726D65642C2062757400... (Another random penguin walks by)

Random Penguin 2: Hi, what are you saying to each other?

Flystar: 4A55535420474F204157415900!

Random Penguin 2: 101154162151147150164054040163150145145163150054040111040144151144156047164040167141156164040164157040144151163162165160164040171157165162040143157156166145162163141164151157156.

Flystar: What was that? Some kind of new secret agent code?

Friend: He said, "Alright, sheesh, I didn't want to disrupt your conversation." in octal code.

Flystar: How'd you know that?

Friend: 105170160154157162145162. 54727920616E64206465636F6465205448415400!

Flystar: Just get out of here, fair citizen.

Random Penguin 2: Ok, see ya. Random Penguin is out! PEACE!

Flystar: 486D6D2C207768617420636F756C6420697420626500? 57686F206B6E6F7773206F6374616C20636F64652061726F756E64206865726500?

Friend: 46696E652C2069276C6C2074656C6C20796F7500. 4920666F756E64206F75742066726F6D204578706C6F72657200.

Flystar: OH! I don't know why I couldn't think of him! 486520686500. (Flystar and his friend keep on talking in hex code)

Random Crowd: It's Flystar speaking in hex code! GET HIM! (The crowd of penguins chases after Flystar and his friend)

Flystar: 5768792061726520746865792063686173696E6720757300?

Friend: 4920646F6E2774206B6E6F772C20492067756573732074686579207468696E6B2068657820636F64652069732066616D6F7573206F7220736F6D657468696E6700! (The duo keep on running from the crowd)

Quote 19

  • Flystar is in his palace. Servants of his have been walking in and out of there for hours

Servant 1: But Flystar...

Flystar: DON'T DISAGREE WITH ME, OR YOU'LL END UP LIKE THE LAST SERVANT I TALKED TO! (The servant gulps and runs away as Flystar shouts "NEXT!")

Servant 2: So, exactly what are you doing, your highness?

Flystar: I am telling each servant what pros and cons they have done. (Reading papers on results, Flystar gets a very happy expression) You are the best one today.

Servant 2: Thank you.

Flystar: As I was saying, you are the best of today. I have given you positive results on almost every single assignment done.

Servant 2: That's great!

Flystar: However, there was one teensy mistake you made. (The servant gulps) 2 weeks ago, you accidently made my rug very wet by spilling water on it. I ALWAYS like my furniture not wet, unless it is pool-related.

Servant 2: I'm very sorry, your highness...

Flystar: SORRY IS NOT ENOUGH! You can't redo what was already done. This little mistake has brought your score down to a B+.

Servant 2: By the way, why do you read papers to get your servant's grades? Can't you just memorize all their scores?

Flystar: ARE YOU CRAZY? How can I memorize 1042 servants's scores?

Servant 2: Also, why are you so strict on your servants?

Flystar: Stop asking me questions! I AM THE ONE ASKING QUESTIONS HERE!

Servant 2: But Flystar...


Servant 2: All he did was gulp and rush out the door.

Flystar: WHAT?!? GUARDS! TAKE THIS MISBEHAVING SERVANTS TO THE DUNGEON! (5 guards appear out of nowhere. They grab the servant)

Servant 2: Since when did you have a dungeon?

Flystar: SHUSH IT! GUARDS, TO THE DUNGEON WITH HIM! (The guards take him to the dungeon)

Servant 2: FLYSTAR IS CRAZY FOR HAVING A DUNGEON! This is madness!

Guards: No, THIS! IS! THE DUNGEON! (They kick him into a jail cell and lock it)


Guards: Yeah, in 6 months. (Everyone in the dungeon starts moaning. You could tell by clothing that they were mostly servants)

Quote 20

To be continued...

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