Club Penguin Fan Universe
Fly Featherton
Vital statistics
Title Mr.
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction N/A
Health Very great health!
Level N/A
Status N/A
Location USA
Occupation TV. Host
Interests Cooking, building, hosting.
Friends His fellow builders!
Enemies N/A
Archetype N/A

Fly Featherton is the current host of Extreme Makeover: Igloo Edition.


He hatched in the USA, as Fly Swarovsky. His family included his mother (a chef), his father (a builder), his younger sister (a former student and now teacher) and his brothers Rory (a builder), Gory (an electrican) and Bory (a farmer and builder). He went to school and wanted to take after his mother and be a chef, then (when Fly was 16) his mother and father had a fight (which unfortunately included his mother going to hospital). While she was in hospital, his mother and father divorced. He was devastated! Some years after that, he went and started his own business. He LOVED building so much, he started his own TV show. It was called Extreme Makeover: Igloo Edition. He also changed his family name from Swarovsky to Featherton. That's were he is today.



  • He earns $20,000 a episode.

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