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FlubberButt image
Oh no!, I gotta lay off da donuts.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Walrus
Faction Hun Elites
Health Fat
Level Fat
Status becoming more Fat,hacking Wishyfly (flywish)
Location Unknown (probaly McDoodle'sor Burger Khan.
Occupation Eating, Hacking, Sleeping, Lulz
Interests Eating, Hacking, Sleeping, Lulz
Friends Food
Enemies Flywish
Archetype Neutral

FlubberButt (seeing as his correct name is so long and is impossible to spell) is a highly elite, Fat-suffering hacker that works for Ben Hun in computer raids. He is known for eating large quantities of cheeseburgers and tofu and loves damaging computers. Although Ben Hun knows hackers are evil he noticed that this walrus didn't seem so bad. In a hope to use the Walrus' power for good, Ben Hun got him to join the Hun Elites.


Like all Walruses, FlubberButt hails from the Arctic.

At a very young age he became extremely interested in food and started trying all kinds and soon suffered Fat. Even for a Walrus, he was HUGE.

Although he suffered Fat, he still continued eating, so his parents game him their old laptop to keep him occupied.

FlubberButt surfed the web until he found a website made by the Mighty Tusk King with lots of other walrus. These walruses brainwashed him. He became totally hooked on hacking (although he was still obsessed with food). He soon started hacking and downloading hacking programs as well as spamming forums and hacking helpless blogs. The Walrus Crime Ring, seeing potential, invited him to come to Antarctica, an invitation he happily accepted. He was teleported south immediantly.

It was only when FlubberButt went too far that he learned the errors of his ways. He dared to hack Bill Gates' bank account, but was caught and sent to Owcatraz. After being released from prison, he ran into (or, more properly, ran over) Ben Hun, who decided to hire him to help hack his enemies.


Today FlubberButt enjoys hacking websites and eating large amounts of food from the comfort of his home. He does so under the guidance of Ben Hun.


  • All though he is a walrus hes not so bad he just hacks and is sort of misunderstood.
  • When Ben Hun claims that he has "walrus friends", he is referencing FlubberButt.

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