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Archipelago of Flourida Islands
Location of Flourida Islands
Flourida islands.
CapitalFlourida City
Official languages W00t (dialect)
Demonym Flouridan
Legislature Warmslate Council
 -  Annexation by the DRW 30, August 2009 
 -  20,547 km2 
7,933 sq mi 
 -  Water (%) 96
 -  2008 estimate 15055 
 -  2011 census 25500 
Currency Warmslates Dollar (W$)
Drives on the Right
Calling code 186

The Flourida Islands are a small archipelago near Weddell, owned by the DRW. They were uninhabited but they weren't part of the Unclaimed Islands of Weddell, until Warmslates governor announced, that they belong to Warmslates. The South Pole Council didn't even take it seriously, so the DRW quickly took control of the islands, and established Flourida City.


The islands weren't from Antarctica. Storms from the north blew them from beaches somewhere near Togo. They mixed with Warmslates, and at last landed near Weddell. It was out of the state's boundaries, so it was untouched until it was discovered in 2009. They, strangely weren't counted in the Unclaimed Islands of Weddell.

In the early August the Warmslate Council made a decision to annexate the islands, and claim it to the DRW. Denes, Sacrenee, Square Islands, and Penguiki representatibves were For, and Zandomia together with Canncas were Against. So on the 30th of August, 2009 early morning a ship from the DRW, which took some of the citizens, which didn't want to live in the DRW were brought to the island in the center of the archipelago. They built a city - Flourida City, and named the archipelago Flourida Islands. The council agreed. At 14:00 a fax went to the South Pole Council. It said about the annexation of the islands to the DRW. Explorer 767 got it, but he didn't sleep well this night, so he just signed, that they agree, and sent to the DRW. Later, he told the council about it, but they said, that they would have agreed too, because the DRW is growing stronger, and they would risk war, which wasn't worth a small archipelago. Also, if they did, there wouldn't be anymore tropical fruit in the USA. So the islands belong to Warmslates.


The currency is the same, as in the DRW. It is part of the country, so it is logical, that they can't have a different currency, than Warmslates.


The archipelago is full of islands, which are very small, and sandy, so this is a perfect place for sand lovers. The biggest island is in the exact center of the archipelago. It is just like the heart of the whole archipelago! The capital and first city - Flourida City is located at this island. The rest of the islands are unavailible, and will be colonised in the future, but they are in the same climate, as Warmslates, and they are wild.


The inhabitants are mostly citizens of Warmslates cities, which were getting overcrowded (Penguiki, Denes). They wanted to live in a quiet place, so they moved to these islands, and all of them live in Flourida City.

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