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Flourida City
Flourida image
Flourida City coat of arms.
Flourida location
Flourida City location on the territory of the archipelago.
Vital statistics
Type City
Level 255
Location Flourida Islands
Inhabitants Penguins and puffles

The Flourida City is tucked into the middle of Flourida Islands. It is both the biggest city, and capital of the archipelago. The full archipelago of islands are a province of Warmslates, which capital is also Flourida City.


The city was established in August, 2009. At the day 30th of August, 2009 the DRW annexed the archipelago of Flourida Islands. People who arrived there established a small colony. It quickly grew to a city. The colony was named Flourida City (after the archipelago). The name was accepted internationally.

The city is the only inhabited place in the whole province. The neighbouring islands are uninhabited, but the access for non-Warmslate inhabitants of the USA is currently denied. Soon, other cities will be built on these islands. The city is located on the mid-northern part of the archipelago. The island isn't named.


The city is quite small. There are not many points of interest here, just a few shops, which supply the city with food, and other things. For a bigger variety of wares, you have to go to Penguiki, or Denes. Also there is a Post Office, and this city is a wonderful place to send a postcard from.


The place is newly-discovered, but in the end of 2009 it will be opened as a holiday resort. Now, it is just a small city. Fortunately, there is contact with the world here, because a Post Office was opened here with the code 10-0(two digits depending on the location). The access to the internet here is free, as Wi-Fi is for the whole city. The signal can even be reached from the nearby forests!


Penguins previously living in the DRW cities: Denes and Penguiki. The city's population is approx. 40.500 (Fourty thousands and a half). The city is still small, but it will grow rapidly in the future.


Currently, there are no villains in the town.


You can get wonderful photos from here. Also, if you don't have a camera, you have the best wievs caught on postcards, which can be bought in almost every shop in the city. The most beautiful ones include: the town's panorama, the nearby cliff, the tropical forests.

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