Club Penguin Fan Universe

Vital statistics
Title Dinos Rise Again
Gender Male
Race Repilian humanoid creature
Faction Evil
Health High
Level Level 1, Level 2, Level 4, FINAL LEVEL
Status Dead
Location Dino Forest
Occupation Evil Mastermind
Interests Bringing back dinosaurs
Friends NONE
Enemies Shooter
Archetype Archenemy

Flogboy is an evil reptile humanoid who stole the Dino-dead-no-more 2000 from G. Flogboy used it to recreate the dinosaurs.


Flogboy was an experiment. He was a cross between reptile and man. However, Flogdog escaped and vowed to recreate dinosaurs and rule over the world. So, Flogboy stole G's Dino-dead-no-more 2000 and made a dinosaur army. Robbie's main goal of the game is to destroy the Dino-dead-no- more 2000 and Flogboy.


In Level 1, there is an intro where part of it is Flogboy recreting dinosaurs. In the end of Level 1, Robbie must face a few Dino-Plants, an army of stone dinosaurs and in the end of Level 1, Robbie must verse Flogboy on a huge, purple cobra with a huge brain. Once you destroy the cobra (Quilt), Flogboy will fall off and run away.

In Level 2, at the end, Flogboy fights Robbie for a brief moment, but once Flogboy loses half his life, he will summons the ancient mythical prehistoric monster and will escape. You must then fight the Ancient Mythical Prehistoric Monster (AMPM).

Flogboy then doesn't appear until Level 4, where you first have to fight the Death Dinos and then Flogboy rises from the steamy lake. You must fight Flogboy. But, unlike Level 1 and 2, he doesn't abandon the fight, so watch out. Flogboy shoots green energy and will try to knock you into the spider webs. Use your Gun and shoot back. Once Flogboy loses his health, he will be knocked out. While Flogboy is knocked out, you must get the Cup of Prehistoric Power and you have won the level.

Of course, Flogboy appears in the FINAL LEVEL. In the FINAL LEVEL, you must use the Largest Gun to destroy Flogboy. Once again, Flogboy will shoot green energy at you, but huge ones. You must dodge them and shoot Flogboy. Keep shooting Flogboy until you knock a crown from his cloak. Grab the crown and press 'C'. This will make you wear the crown. Once you wear the crown, you are protected. Go to Flogboy. He will blast at you, but don't budge. The energy will bounce off you and hit Flogboy...then you have the game.


Flogboy doesn't sound anything like "reptile" or "dinosaur", making people wonder why the name "Flogboy" was used.

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