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Flight Bros
Flight Bros image
The two Flight Bros
Vital statistics
Title Mechanics
Gender Male
Race Penguins
Faction G's cousins.
Health Deceased
Level Level
Status Deceased
Location Their ghosts are said to live in the Gadget Room

The Flight Bros or On They Really Names Michael Jovansky And Boris Jovansky were two mechanics who lived during the days when mechanics were first begening in the USA. Their names were Willy, and Orviv.


These two brothers lived in a house somewhere in The Happyface State back during the middle of the Khanzem era. Their dad worked at a nearby Pet Shop, while their mother would make and sell clothes. They had a sister, but she usually went with her mom, or dad to work. Because of this, the boys usually were alone, or at school.

When they got older they soon graduated school and went to find jobs. They soon opened up a Mechanics Shop together wich unfortunatley wasn't very popular. A few days after they opened shop though, they got a idea that would make their shop rocket to the top. They would invent a flying machine. Orviv would draw up the plans, while Willy worked (or atleast tried to) on building it.

After months of hard work, mockery, and crash landings, they finally had a machine that could fly. After that they made millions of coins and even bought a new house.

The turning point of the war in Khanzem was brought about by their invention, the first airplane. The Good Guys had been pushed back to what is now Club Penguin Island, and Willman Tabernaclemountain desperately pleaded with the brothers to lend the Good Guys their invention for use in their sneak attack, the Battle of <name pending>. The brothers agreed, seeing as the Khanzem and its leaders had attempted to suppress their work on the airplane, and the invention turned out to be the saving grace of the Good Guys, who pushed the Naughtzees back into Khanzem and regained Antarctica.

Many years after that the brothers died, but their inventions are still used today.


  • They are distant, ancestral cousins of G.
  • Many people believed that Willy the Penguin is named after Willy, but this has proven to be false.

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