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Fizz Master Brand Soda
You know you want it!
Vital statistics
Type Soda
Effects None, except accidental X-Virus.
Source Rockhopper's Soda Barn
Location Rockhopper's Soda Barn
Cost to buy 21 coins a pack
Cost to sell 21 coins a pack

Fizz Master Brand Soda is a delicious, caffeine-free drink that anyone can drink!


Fizz Master all started when a kid wanted some soda. So he created his own brand called "Fizzy Friends." Then, his company got bought by YummyDrums Inc. for 123,456,789 coins. They changed the name to Tastify. But YummyDrums Inc. had a better idea for the name. They created "Fizz Master Brand Soda", Fizz Master for short.


  • Rocket Slug loves this drink.

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