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The Can is in the Middle of the Table.
Vital statistics
Type Drink
Effects Satisfaction
Source The Fizz Factory
Cost to buy 1 coin per can.
Cost to sell 1 coin per can.

Fizz is a carbonated drink made of 100% Natural Juice. It is very healthy, and it tastes like soda, without the sugar.


Fizz was created by Fisch in the University of South Pole City while tampering with some chemicals. He wasn't supposed to be there, but he got away with the newly formed drink, later began selling it the next day. He soon bought a fizz shop, where his employees made the drinks and sold them. Then, the drinks were made at the The Fizz Factory where the fizz was made and distributed.


  • However, the secret ingredient of this drink is Maple Syrup.

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These people Love Fizz.

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