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He can move those extra arms because that's not a suit....
Vital statistics
Title Fisxh Hoxtaxt
Gender Male
Race X-Antibody Arachnid Penguin
Faction X-Antibody
Health Evil
Level -Fisch
Status Doing something Bad.
Location ???
Occupation Darktonian Minion
Interests Destroying Fisch
Friends Xellina, Swiss Ninja
Enemies Fisch
Archetype Villian

Fisxh is Fisch Hochstadt's X-Antibody.


A couple of days after Fisch finished one of his quests, Fisch began caught the X-Virus, and had a fever and nausea. He then threw up some mucky brown stuff, and the X Body formed from there. It looked like a hideous creature, for he looked like a spider penguin. Unlike Fisch's Costume, the Antibody's spider was part of his body, and he could move all of his arms. The antibody nearly attacked Fisch at first, and said:

"Greetings, Fisch Hochstadt! I am your Antibody, the magnificant Fisxh!!!!!! MWAHAHAHA! "

He ran away, off into the world to do evil. He hates Fisch, and sometimes tries to ruin his day. He has joined Darktan's Army.


  • Fisch considers him to be his arch-nemesis.

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