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Fishybluered Yishran Almighty, or just Fishybluered is a member of the Almighty Family. And the arhc enemey (despite being his brother) of Sennith.


At a early age, he and Sennith were always foes. The two always fought, much to the liking of Surray, who secretly taught Fishybluered how to become "smart." Much to the dismay of Sennith and Gruff, the two became very close friends.

Later in life, he and Surray bonded, Becoming the best of friends, and des[ote the conflicting intrests (evil, piano, Penelope) (Freidnship, Niceness, and Sennith's pain) the two got along wonderuflly.

As Surray and Fishybluered bonded, Sennith got more and more mean to him. Eventully pushing Fishybluered to a point of useing Ditto A on Sennith. He used the time he had to get Surray in on the hate, he had Sennith (attempt) to injure Surry, ending with 5 broken wrenches (from hitting).

Eventully, he met Oble. The two didnt like eachtogher,b oth wanted Surray's friendship. Thus making a pure hatred. The two constantly foguht voer Surray, constantly creeping out Surray.


Fishybluered is normally fighting with Sennith or Oble trying to get Surray's friendship. Truely this never works, as Surray pulls them apart every time. It is utterly unkown if he and Gruff hate eachtogher.


  • He and Surray are really good friends, really good.
  • He and Oble hate eachtogher, alot.
  • He normally talks like this. Or This depending on his mood.

Noteable features[]

Like Mandy, Fishybluered has a object that shows his mood. In Fishy's case, glasses.



Green-Pure Anger

Yellow-In love

Another noteable feature is that, depsite being a orange puffle, despises tricks and turns a very dark orange-blakc color when asked to do one, and his glasses turn Green.



Friendship with Surray[]

The friendship between Fishy and Surray is a direct parayd of the Almigthy Tallest friendship in Invader Zim, the two not always with eachtogher, though. And it should be noted Surray's personality changes from a harsh, cruel, sadist villain to a caring, nice, protective person when Fishy is around