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Fire and Ice is a band started by the Slugster-Meltissimo kids as well as their mother; along with the assistance of close friends. They are a very popular band and play across Club Penguin Island, Puffle'and, Freezeland and the Happyface State. They have many guitars to chose from, and F&I often plays their songs with the garage door open.

  • Lexi-guest guitarist, back-up singer.

Put Some Fun In Your Life[]

Put Some Fun In Your Life is an album co-written by Katie Finn, Lexi, and Ferb90210. It's basically about letting loose, hanging out, and having fun! It includes the single Put Some Fun In Your Life, as well as The Best Day Ever, the Windows Error Remix, and more! The songs have an epic beat and the majority is pop/punk. Some of their songs weren't written by Fire and Ice, like Best Day Ever and Darktan's Polka. (However, Darktan's Polka is a techno remix and is included as a bonus track on the deluxe edition.) The album is jam-packed full of 13 wonderful songs with catchy beats and amazing lyrics as quoted by the band, plus two bonus tracks on the deluxe edition. It was Ferb90210's idea to include Darktan's Polka (worst best song ever.) Remember, this kid's in a certain army that is SUPER evil!!!!

Songs of Put Some Fun In Your Life[]
# TitleProducer(s) Length
1. "Put Some Fun In Your Life"  Lexi, Rocket Slug 3:20
2. "Best Day Ever"  SpongeBob SquarePants (sung by Phineas34720 and Agent Meltie) 4:44
3. "Darktan's Polka"  Darktan (remixed by DJ Crow, instrumental) 1:31
4. "Mr. Wonderful" (sung by Rocket Slug and Lexi) 4:01
5. "He Isn't The One"  Rocket Slug, Agent Meltie 3:05
6. "Somebody"  Rocket Slug 3:19
7. "Suite Life on Deck Intro"  Steve Rushton (sung by RS) 1:10
8. "Dance All Night, Sleep All Day"  Agent Meltie 5:20
9. "Slap-A-Guy!"  Lexi 3:24
10. "Falling Now"  Rocket Slug 4:30
11. "That's What You See"  Agent Meltie 3:45
12. "Here's An Idea"  Phineas34720 (believe it or not!) 3:12
13. "Party, Party On, Party!"  Katie Finn 3:32